Law Personal Statement Examples

The subject of law fascinates me extensively. I am intrigued by developments in the law and the way that it adapts to an ever-changing society.
Law is an area which has interested me from an early age. I enjoy extensive reading and recognise that this is essential in studying law.
I first realised I wished to study law whilst reading a newspaper, when it suddenly occurred to me that every article was somehow related to the law.
Law is in fact the bedrock of society which allows society to maintain the process of societal order and therefore it has a big impact on everyone's lives.
Laws, in my opinion, are the cogs in the machinery of society; they are guidelines and deterrents that are fundamentally essential for humanity to function. Law is the combined public conscience that tells us right from wrong...
The degree course that I have chosen to follow is law. I have a great passion forthe subject of law and thoroughly enjoy the subject; learning about different aspects of law, how the English Legal System operates and its' impact on society.
Through my insight into the UN's work I have learned that having declarations about Human Rights does not mean they are obeyed and automatically enforced. Law is not static, but develops all the time. It is part of everyday life, as in Berlin everyone is confronted with the issue of asylum seekers...
Piqued by the intricacies of the law, I read "What About Law?" to gain a better understanding of the law and legal framework. Principally, the law is an instrument for social control. It is a structure of legislation and regulations working together and forming a judicial system that governs the behaviour of the public.
I have studied upon many of the areas of law and found civil rights to enthral me the most. For the very reason, that without the civil right legislation we would still in the 90’s mist of chaotic inequality.
Presenting a case in front of a fictitious County Court Judge as part of my college's pilot Law-In-Practice Program led me to wanting to study law at university.
When I started work as a legal assistant, the job was a means to an end. I did not intend to stay in law; however, with time my interest grew, as did my admiration.
The spectre of global terrorism is prevalent. Fundamental civil liberties are under threat, not only by those who seek to destroy our society, but also by those who have been charged with the task of safeguarding it...
I first became interested in studying law after visiting my local Magistrates' Court in Melbourne, Australia.
My desire to study law at university is firmly rooted in my interest in world events and also with helping others. Law effects our everyday lives almost without us noticing.
My work experience has been key to my choice to study law. This in combination with my A levels, has allowed me to develop academic rigour with a strong spirit of enquiry and advocacy.
I consider myself to have the necessary qualities to enable me to be a successful lawyer. I am a confident speaker who can argue a case with efficiency and potency.
My interest in law stems from a fascination with resolving conflict and the important contribution it makes to our society. I view law as a career in which I will have the opportunity to improve the lives of others.
Currently, I think of myself as a writer and a journalist. My next goal is to be a lawyer..
History is probably the school subject that best prepares me for the study of Law, since studying the past helps me make sense of the world we live in today.
History and Law are critical to thedevelopment of society. The idea that the same mistakes will be repeated unless we learn to adapt and change, underlines the meaning of both subjects. As a civilisation we must find out where we came from and how we can and have changed...
When the teacher said to stop debating, I understood that law is what I wanted to do for my career.
My aspiration to study law comes from an appreciation I had of the subject stemming from my fathers' current and previous businesses.
When I inform people of my intentions to study law at university, they tend to look at me with a look of shock, horror and dismay.
My interest in law stemmed from personal experiences in different foreign countries, especially with three years spent living in the Middle East. Living in foreign countries opened my eyes to different political and judicial systems within different countries of the world...
Exposure to my parents' restaurant businesses from an early age has given me an insight to the everyday running of the business. This has inspired me to follow in their footsteps and set up my own business one day...
Academically, law is immensely stimulating and its constantly changing nature provides a fascinating challenge to both society and those involved in the legal profession.
I would love to learn the law in a place where it actually works, and a place that I have been told about extensively by her authors.
My desire to study law arose at the beginning of my AS level course in sociology.
I am conscientious team player with the ability to inspire my co-workers to greater productivity and cooperation. I enjoy learning, and am always able to taking on few challenges. My track record in education speaks itself...
From a young age, I have been fascinated by law and was thrilled at the possibility of studying it at A-Level.
My desire to read law stems from the fascination I have with its ability to evolve alongside society.
Alongside my enthusiasm for the Law, I have committed to numerous, Law-related activities within my Sixth-Form College, such as, participating in the Debating Society, the National Youth Parliament and lastly, proposing a position as the prosecuting barrister in the National Bar Mock Trial Competition.
I understand Law to be an extremely competitive and demanding course that will present many challenges; nonetheless I am enthralled by the opportunities that I will inevitably be confronted with.
It is always challenging, attempting to remain impartial and attentive to detail in a murder trial over a relative. My ability to do so was tested greatly during the trial over the killing of my cousin, Christopher Alaneme...
Gandhi who used law as a tool to help a distressed nation inspires me. I am inspired by my parents too, who relentlessly strive to seek justice against all the predicaments this noble profession has to offer.
Advanced Higher Modern Studies in my final year at secondary school. Over the duration of the course I became deeply interested in the way crime and disorder influence the society we live in. In particular, the ways in which the upbringing of young people so greatly influences their future prospects...
Laws make a difference, and it is often the little things in law that make the big differences. This is what fascinates me about it.
My desire to study law stems back as far as primary school. It was at a very young age that I discovered that I wanted to become a lawyer and I have never wavered from this decision.
As a child, law caught my eye, shimmering glamorously in dramas and newspapers, piquing my interest
Law is an intriguing and fascinating area and I think it would suit my personality as I am a very argumentative and persuasive person who will always find a way of tackling the challenges I'm faced with.
To start with I shall point out that I have always been interested in business and legal studies. Even during my teenage years, I have seen myself as a person who is willing to prosper in the knowledge of modern business and legal studies...
In today's climate, an understanding of law is critical. The question of Scotland's independence and its legal repercussions; the European Treaty's effect on British law; the legitimacy of the war on terror and its effect on civil rights...
Growing up in a developing African country of Malawi, human rights was not something i had heard of, especially for the poor and the underprivileged. I often saw and heard of injustices being inflicted upon the poor and the underprivileged, yet no one seemed to do anything about it...
Law, for me, is a necessity to organise society and to maintain order. I view Law as a career in which I will have the opportunity to improve the lives of others and be able to evaluate the nature of human relationships.
'Law'- this is a word that people in society makes use of everyday but do they know the actual meaning?
My desire to study law developed initially from my genuine interest in the justice system. In recent years I have taken an interest in various cases of miscarriage of justice and property rights and have followed these cases right through to their judgements, trying to draw my own conclusions.
“I want to be a lawyer, I want to be a lawyer!”, is the phrase mostly heard from my child and adolescent self every time the age old question, “what are you going to be when you grow up?” was asked.
Eleven years later, I still remember the exact date. It was October 15, 1987 when I was asked to join Project Challenge, the honors program at Harris Hill Elementary School. I was in third grade at that time...
My study of law has enhanced my desires to work within the courts, and to pursue a career in commercial law. I have been involved in many extra curricular activities concerning law.
The 42 Day Detention, the National DNA database, the Lisbon Treaty, the Embryology Bill. Law surrounds us. It has evolved from the fundamental needs of society for structure and justice and it is part of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not...
Law and its complexities in being both precise yet open to interpretation; impartial yet sensitive to society's ever changing morals and philosophy has been of great curiosity to me.
My interest in law first started when I was younger and I watched TV sitcoms centred on a law firm.
I decided to study law some months ago when I visited Worcester Crown Court.
I have thoroughly enjoyed studying law at A level, and am keen to continue at degree level.
In today's competitive world, qualifications are of utmost importance. While that is indeed a factor that spurs me to take up higher education, the determining factor is my interest in the subjects. Admittedly, the only subject that I have had contact with is economics, but the fields of law and social policy intrigue me as well...
Human rights infringements, widespread poverty, economic dependence on advanced states, unstable governments, high rates of illiteracy, disease, population growth, but still wealthy ruling elites. All these are the common traits of the Third World Countries...
My fascination with law has stemmed from reading of the Times law section every Tuesday helping me to gain crucial knowledge of the subject of law, and studying the subject at sixth form which has further enhanced my passion for the subject.
I have always found the laws and rules that structure and govern our society both interesting and imperative to a fair and just community.
I consider myself an enthusiastic, hard working student who will do everything possible to achieve the best set of results possible. I have a very strong work ethic and get on well with teachers and my fellow pupils...
Thinking about humanity nowadays and people's preoccupations made me realise the huge impact that crimes and criminal justice have on their decisions and the way they receive and react at the details and information about a crime...
I am a determined academic individual, leading me to believe that a degree course at university should definitely be in my life plans. I have always achieved high grades and I am confident that I can continue this success at university...
The decision to study law lies deeper than a mere career choice, it has stemmed from my great belief that every individual in society deserves justice, and it is my genuine desire to help those individuals achieve it.
Law, in theory, is the essence of fairness, which is why it so interests me in a world that many deem unfair.
I have always been fascinated by the way police deal with stressful and demanding situations and find that when I always see them in the street in their uniform I want to be looked upon as an integral part of a community...
I developed interest in the field of law while doing my graduation in commerce. We had business law in B.Com. I found it so logical that after my Bachelor in Commerce. I could not think of anything but law.
The beauty of law is that it constantly makes you go into a self conflict, it compelled me to think what's right and wrong.
As a subject, English has cultivated my interests for reading and writing. Chaucer's The Wife of Bath particularly evoked my interests during my A2 year, as I was interested in the middle-English style of the language and how, through his fictional character, Chaucer challenged traditional ideals of this era.
So what does law mean to me? To me, law means hope. Hope for all the people who have suffered at the hands of criminals in this society we all live and breathe in.
Law influences every aspect of civilization, and I've become thoroughly enthralled and fascinated with the legal organisation and law system.
My desire to get into the field of law stems from the inspiration of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a renowned leader of nineteen century and founder of Pakistan.
To start pursuing a career in law, I dedicated my fist two years of high-school to studying mathematics and computer programming, in order to familiarize myself with progressive logical constructions and to gain a new type of awareness, one that improved my view towards work in general.
I have wanted to study law from a young age largely because my grandfather is a well known judge in Pakistan. While I was in Pakistan a few years back I was given the opportunity to sit in a court room and observe the law in action.
My father is a prominent Islamic law professor, yet, I didn't receive his blessing to study law, according to him, I was destined for "greater things" in life.
Law and justice are the ever-increasing sense of importance and self-respect of the individual. True, there are different conceptions of the idea of what is fair, but the concepts of law and justice are one of the same.
My desire to study law is firmly rooted in my enjoyment of being involved in ongoing issues, as I feel that the law is the bedrock of a nation.
My desire to study law developed initially from my genuine interest in the justice system. I also have a keen interest in various types of law and am extremely attracted to pursuing a career commercial law.
I have chosen to study a combined honours degree in sociology and law as I feel that they are two very compatible combinations, which complement each other well. I believe that taking this degree is appropriate for me as it will help broaden my career options and also provide me with flexibility and variety...
I have always known that my career path would be related to humanities. Out of the subjects I studied at school, Romanian literature, history and foreign languages have particularly appealed to me. However, I chose to study sciences too, aware of their contribution to the development of my intellectual abilities...
What really intrigues me about law is the unflinchingly honest portrayal of society it provides. As Helena Kennedy states in ‘Just Law’, it is the ‘bedrock of a nation’, always changing to support and reflect society’s needs.
My enthusiasm towards law studies arose from my acknowledgement of the advantages of countries having a strong and enforced legal system, both to ensure the equality of people, as well as to boost their economic development.
From an early age, law has always been number one priority in my vision of the future. Probably because of my father's profession (he is Head of the Regional Criminal Police), I have always been intrigued by Criminology and the idea of analysing and solving tangled cases...
My father had always told me my career destined in the profession of law; I had of course been ignorant to this.
Through commonly accepted law, international organizations and sovereign nations establish and enforce vital laws and moral codes of conduct such as those relating to human and civil rights. Yet, despite many ratified agreements relating to principles that are universally accepted throughout the world, human and civil rights remain threatened in industrialized nations as well as third world countries...
I long recall having been amazed as to how law permeates every aspect of our lives. My career thus far has taken me to the City of London, as far away as New Zealand, and then back to Reading again and has served to cultivate my interest in law and made me yearn to study this fascinating subject at undergraduate level, and formally qualify as a solicitor, within criminal advocacy...
At the beginning it was infatuation, I was taken by the smart skirts the ladies wore and equally the men in their suits. But as I took more interest in this group of people it was not only the smart attire, there thinking, arguments and presentation of their arguments were equally “smart” and persuasive and reflected certain logic, deep reflection and considerable research on an issue they were arguing for or against...
I’ve considered law as a fascinating subject since I am a social science minded person, so law is very suitable for me due to its extensive reflection of realms of politics, economics and society in various different approaches, which fueled my passion to delve this subject in depth.
I believe law is relevant to everyday life as we live within a legal framework which controls every aspect and important decisions of our life.
My ambition to read law can be traced back to my childhood as I sat watching lawyers helping people in need.
I enjoy being intellectually stimulated and challenging traditional views which is evident from my choice of A Level subjects - history, English and RE. These subjects have always been my forte, receiving the H...
Along with my preference for legal studies, I can cope with the pressure of being a law graduate, as I have studied both the social and applied sciences which have improved my articulation, analytical presentation and interpersonal skills.
Human beings can only live in comunity with others, resulting a society. Societies can function provided they are governed by principles, regulations and laws that the majority of the people agrees with.
Law has always been a subject that I was interested in. In my family’s company I have been fortunate to observe the day-to-day practices of the company lawyers, which I found fascinating.
Stories such as the Guantanamo Bay prisoners make me question the injustice within today's society. What is justice and how I could get involved? It is one of the many questions that face me when I look at what it is that makes me passionate about law and the legal system.
I have always been fascinated by the structures of societies and how their laws are built. Due to the constant changes of the world, the ongoing conflicts, debates, and controversies, these laws are constantly evolving...
Law is used universally and is of great significance to how we conduct our behaviour and I find this particularly fascinating. I wish to pursue a degree in law because it will allow me to fulfil my long term ambition of working in a legal environment.
It was not until I had begun studying law that I realised my passion for it as it stretches me intellectually and also causes me to be analytical about everything around me and of myself.
Law has always been a subject which has fascinated me and since completing my BA Hons in law and management I have realised that I would like to progress my knowledge in this area and fulfil my ambition in becoming a fully qualified lawyer in the up and coming future.
Law is ever changing, whether parliament is passing new legislation, existing legislation is being rewritten or the courts are interpreting laws in different ways. In the case of Anthony Bland the distinguishing of earlier precedents was vital...
Law has always been a subject that has interested and appealed to me as an area of study. I believe that justice is the inherent foundation of our civilisation and find the application of it both a fascinating and vital field of learning, because of the central role it plays in the functioning of society and the diversity of areas it influences...
I want to study and research law at university because I thoroughly enjoy the subject and I really want to learn more.
My desire to study law as a degree at university has come from the fact that studying A levels provided me with the opportunity to study law as a specific topic which gave me an insight of what law is really about.
Louis de Bernières writes in ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin' that history is fascinating 'because everything [is] connected to everything else in the most elaborate, devious and elegant ways'. Perhaps this explains the importance of history in understanding the modern world; it governs the way in which we view society, dictates our actions and, perhaps most importantly, provides guidance to those who establish law...
I decided to read law in England because the country has one of the most historic and well developed educational systems in Europe. I chose courses at Universities with a great tradition, a tradition which can only be offered by English Universities...
My interest in becoming a lawyer has also been encouraged by representations of the legal processes on TV and in literature.
For my final term paper, I chose to research the interplay of international and US domestic law regarding the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, and more specifically, whether that treaty provided any actionable rights for foreign citizens accused of crimes in the US. My work on this paper further refined my ability to engage in high-level analytical research.
My desire to study law stems from a growing fascination with world events. It seems to me that the 21st century looks to be both an exciting and crucial time in which to embark upon legal study, for example, the latest report on the Hillsborough disaster that happened in 1989. 23 years on new evidence came to light following the formation of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.
Tracing back to an early age, law has always appealed to me because it's an essential tool for the smooth running of any flourishing society.
My desire to study law developed from understanding the importance of the legal system, I wanted to know more about it and how it affected us as citizens, and how it operates out of the public eye.
It has been my desire to study law at degree level since the age of fifteen. The subject fascinates me because it brings together moral, philosophical and social issues into an analytical form to reach a conclusion, and of course there is no textbook conclusion in law.
Fascinating laws around the world have encouraged me to study law at university and discover more about international legal systems.
I have chosen a law degree because it will enable me to study criminal and human rights law in more depth. This course has a practical and theoretical basis, which I find fascinating, and will expand my knowledge; it will also help me understand legal aspects of law and their impact on society.
An effective law is foundational to an effective and safe society, and to this end, law is important to us all. The law, at its heart, creates order, and ensures vulnerable people are protected. Most people have real respect for the law, and law and order are often what people in corrupt nations most crave...
When choosing the course for admission to polytechnic, I had toyed with the idea of becoming a lawyer, due to my high language abilities and analytical skills.
My interest in law stems from various incidents and experiences with the due process of the law in Malawi. I clearly recall one such incident in 2003 when I was eleven.
One of my earliest memories, is picking up a book and staring at the printed words on its fresh, crisp pages. I was stood in the middle of a bookshop, in my home town with my mother and I knew, from that time, that I would love to read...
Growing up, I always remember going for walks with my grandmother, who would proudly show me off to her friends and say that one day I would make a fine lawyer, but always I shrugged the idea off, thinking I would never be good enough.
I find law a most fascinating subject because it is the foundation of anything that occurs in society. Learning about how decisions are made in law, the constant arguments to reach a fair judgement and the on-going evolution of the law to adapt to society makes me enthusiastic to learn more.
The reason I want to study law, is that it has always intrigued me; there’s never been any other option for me it has always been law. I am captivated in the development of the law as it interests me the way the law is changing around the needs of civilisation.
I first became interested in the study of law when I came to the realization that without an understanding of law you are placed at a major disadvantage in all aspects of life, and make most life decisions on assumption alone.
Since I lived in the Republic of Korea for 2 years, where I was able to witness a culture that is in depth very different from ours, I have been trying to see the world as an interdependent whole instead of occupying myself with only my native country...
Having been born and lived all my life in Hungary, with an English father and Hungarian mother, I have always wanted to go to university in England and spend most of my summers working in England. Being bilingual gives me an ability to see both sides of the question, and examine things from different perspectives which I feel will be useful for my studies...
Law was only introduced to me during the end of school, where I began to think about my choices and reading various types of law.
Having a parent in the legal profession had given me an early exposure in the field of law. At times, I would accompany him to work. Having the chance to observe my father at work made me realise the intense research lawyers do in preparation to defend a client.
I consider myself to be a mature, confident student who is always willing to learn and adapt to new surroundings. I have always been fascinated by the many different aspects of law especially the criminal field; It stems from when my sister was studying criminology at university...
According to the media, the United Kingdom has an extreme lack of female judges. This is made evident by the fact that Baroness Hale is the only woman justice to sit in the Supreme Court. This reality motivates me to embark upon legal study, as strong, able and powerful female...
Law is applied to every aspect of our lives and affects most of the actions we do as a human being. It is interpreted, passed on and applied throughout the world.
Law is not just an academic subject, it is both theoretical and philosophical; it affects not only the domestic laws, but current international affairs such as the crisis in Ukraine and the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
Our entire system is based on law, making it the essential foundation of stability in societies; the emergence of UN, NATO, and EU made the world more cordial. International cooperation is one of the chief elements of the functionality of the modern world; thus a combination of law and foreign affairs is the base of international prosperity...
Law is the cornerstone of our society, the piece of the puzzle that makes the world we live in work.
My life was always a combination of two different cultures. Living in France, the active contact between French and Russian culture allows my cultural background to be favourable and beneficial for my future, both in my studies and working experiences by bringing in the traditional meaning of what defines cultural diversity...
Law forms the basis of society, however many underestimate its importance as the question of “right or wrong?” arises in everyday life. Law provides an answer to that question bringing together, moral, philosophical and social issues into an analytical form to reach a conclusion.
In my life, I have dreamed of doing many things and becoming many different people. As a child, I wanted to be anything and everything. When I got a little older, I got a little more confused; certainly, I wanted to do something- I had an eye for art, a love of words and a strong sense of justice, but I never knew what to do with those things or how to juggle them...
My desire to study law grew from my love of TV shows and movies centered on law firms and investigations. Today, I realize that this was not a realistic image of law, that it had been in many ways glamorised and I now know that reality will be more rewarding.
I wish to study law at university because the protean nature of the subject has made it a point of enthrallment for me.
It was in Economics and Law class that I first came across common law. We compared civil and common law from a variety of countries and studied their origins and how they differ.
Law is the foundation of society. Without law, society would crumble. Some aspects which particularly intrigue me include commercial, company and contract law, which is why I would like to specialise in the civil branch of law.
Understanding and working around the fringes of the societies we live in and how they have been created has fascinated me. The law creates the boundaries we live by, understanding and knowing these boundaries, fully develops us as citizens...
Differences in culture and language is what makes the law so engaging.
Law seems to me to be so fundamental a part of everyday life, and so integral to society, that it needs to be studied in order to achieve a deep understanding of how societies work and of the differences and similarities between them.
'The lawyer's greatest weapon is clarity and its whetstone is succinctness.' - Judge Prettyman. From an early age, I realised the importance of written and spoken word and how harnessing this ability could grant its wielder power in everyday verbal interaction to presenting oneself to prestigious universities for further acquisition of valuable knowledge to making a contribution to the society...
Law governs every infrastructural aspect of civilisation and our principles of justice. Reading the Law Society Gazette shows me how expeditiously the legal world adapts to suit the public's needs.
The Arab Spring was a momentous event that was pivotal in my decision to study law and politics at university. Having independently researched the sources of discontent, I was particularly appalled at the suppression of basic human rights, the disenfranchisement of voters and the significant levels of political corruption...
Law is so diverse and affects every single person in the world in some way which is why it fascinates me deeply.
Reading about people in need of legal assistance being deprived of it due to their poor financial situations has inspired me to study law to be able to provide service to the needy to give them a fair chance to defend themselves in court.
When some people hear the word "law" the first thing that comes to their mind is a newspaper headline they saw about a notorious criminal being brought to book.
With a blindfold across her eyes, Lady Justice represents the objectivity of the justice system. In a generation where the gender pay gap persists and minorities face discrimination decades after the introduction of equalities legislation, I wonder whether perhaps an all-seeing symbol would be more appropriate.
History, not law, was my first love, thanks to one of those incomparable, spirited teachers who every student should have the good fortune to meet at least once in their school lives.
Having been brought up in an environment where my mother is a lawyer by qualification and my father, a civil servant, the idea of justice and public service has always held my interest.
Law is the foundation of all society. It undermines what we do, what we say, how we live. It controls how we operate and function within society. Laws put in place aid some and hinder others.
Every aspect in our life law is very necessary. It is also a dynamic, logical and realistic subject. I am very confident that I choose accurate subject for me.
Law defines every step of the society, so without understanding and knowing it people are likely to have problems. The main reason of choosing the law degree for me is that the recent events in the world started to worry me.
Law is one of the world's most fascinating, powerful and fundamental aspects of life. It maintains order, helps build civilizations and in the wrong hands has caused atrocities.
My initial interest in law was ignited by reading the case of Donoghue v Stevenson.
My deep fascination with the constant evolution of the law motivates me to read law.
While listening, I heard of its influence in Western laws and that a principle of natural law is to outline the limits of legislative power to prevent the law's abuse.
My desire to study law stems from my fascination with human behaviour and how it interacts with a globalising world.
Growing up as a British student in the American state school system, witnessing injustice has been unavoidable and ranged from the persistent educational biases against women to learning about the shooting of unarmed black men by police through live news reports...
As the daughter of a British mother and a Dutch father who was born and raised in Israel, I grew up speaking both English and Hebrew. My desire to study and practice law developed initially from my genuine interest in legal and ethical dilemmas and how fairness and justice are involved within a society...
Namastey! When I was 14 my mom gave me a book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which drove me to have a different perspective on life. I believe that a positive attitude towards problems or situations is what one needs to get out of it...
"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst" Aristotle’s statement intertwines law and justice as one entity, although as through the ages the schism between the two has widened greatly...
My interest in Law first sparked when I was reading and watching documentaries and articles about Law and how the criminal justice system works. Law has been a passion of mine since I was in secondary school, seeing the impact be a solicitor can have on their clients when they get the outcome they wanted...
I want to study Public Law and International Economic Law, with a view to working with an organization such as the United Nations or even local Governments.
I have always been interested in law and its practical implementations, such as the work of the police force and the study of criminal behaviour.
I've always loved being challenged, speaking with others and seeing how their viewpoints are formed. I enjoy speaking with them and debating points in a respectful manner, I've been told I'm eristic. Many may perceive this a flaw, however as an aspiring lawyer, I always considered it a gift...
My introduction to law was learning about 'qualified immunity', the injustice caused by it in America and how power inequalities can harm innocent individuals. I believe that it often grants immunity to police officers who have used excessive force, preventing criminal justice reform and equality. This has inspired me to study and pursue law.
In discussing what graduate programs I want to pursue, International Law came up most times. My family and most friends always had a puzzled look that read, “You, International Law?”. My motivation to study and practice law coins from my desire to cause a change in the lives of the weak and defenseless through the legal system...
Peace, impartiality and freedom, to me, are what the law provides. It is not just a set of rules, but a means of addressing pressing issues in our overall society, whether it's advocating for human rights, environmental protection, or economic fairness...

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