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As a child, the thought of becoming a defender of justice, like Sailor Moon had always excited me. Defending the innocent and making the truth known to shed light on justice is my calling. Attending a seminar about studying law in the United Kingdom further developed my interest when the speaker made a short model about equity and trusts.

Being someone who works best under pressure, I am a suitable candidate for the course. My strong morals and ethics, as well as my empathy and compassion will lead me to emerge as a brilliant lawyer who is in tune with the needs and feelings of clients.

Reading about people in need of legal assistance being deprived of it due to their poor financial situations has inspired me to study law to be able to provide service to the needy to give them a fair chance to defend themselves in court. I believe that the pursuit of knowledge is endless as there will always be new things to learn in life, and I am sure that I will be able to fulfill my passion for knowledge at your university.

Studying science subjects has improved my analytical and critical thinking skills, and throughout my time studying, I have noticed that law is involved in all aspects of our daily lives. We learned about the synthesis of drugs in Chemistry class and about how some chemists abused their knowledge to illegally produce drugs.

As I did extra reading about Millikan's oil drop experiment for physics class, I found out that some of the results of the experiment were omitted to produce seemingly accurate final results, and to disprove his rival's claim. In my opinion, it was clearly fraud and scientific misconduct, and the fact that he won the Nobel prize through such methods made me frustrated, but I feel that the disappointment gave me a clearer idea on what it would be like to be a lawyer as the decision that we think is 'right' might not always be the correct one in the eyes of the court.

As the class representative for 2 of my classes, I am entrusted with the responsibility of managing the class funds. As money is of such liquidity, I couldn't afford to make any mistakes to avoid conflicts. In addition to that, I was a member of the college magazine's editorial board, and the Mixer Committee, a group of students tasked to organise a social gathering for our peers.

Being home schooled previously, I found it out of my comfort zone to join the committee, but that is the exact reason why I joined it. There were many problems faced while planning the event, including a sudden change of plans, but the event turned out to be a success. I refined my leadership skills, and most importantly, deepened my friendship with my fellow committee members.

I have a strong passion for music, and I play the piano, violin and cello. As a common face at local and international music competitions, time management is crucial to allocate time for studying and practicing. I enjoy giving back to society and I perform as a 1st violinist in a local community orchestra with the aim of exposing the public to different kinds of music by organizing low-cost charity concerts.

Being fluent in Japanese, I went to Japan for 3 months after my exams as a volunteer teaching English at a non-profit organisation, where I had learnt Japanese at when I spent a year studying in Japan during elementary school.

Interacting with people of different nationalities through cultural exchange from a young age has broadened my horizons and I am grateful to have discovered my communication skills as it is an indispensable skill for a lawyer to have when dealing with clients.

Will you let me take the first step in making my dream a reality at your university?

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The Sailor Moon part is weird! But honesty is the best policy :)


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