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Gap Year Volunteering

Why volunteer during a gap year?

Why volunteer

Not sure what's involved or whether volunteering is the right option for you?

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Animal Programs

Animal sanctuary/wildlife rescue

Love being around animals? A placement spent caring for wildlife could be the right option for you!

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Childcare Programs


Use your skills and personality to educate and look after underprivileged children.

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Community Development Programs

Community development

Undertake manual labour to help develop and maintain structures in local communities.

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Conservation Programs


Help conserve wildlife habitats so specie populations can flourish and do not become threatened by man.

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Medical Programs


Experience medicine in the third world by aiding doctors and nurses in basic, under-equipped hospitals and clinics.

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Sports Programs


Pass on your passion of a particular sport by coaching underprivileged children.

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Teaching Programs


Share your knowledge of Maths, English, IT and more by taking up a teaching placement abroad.

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