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Freshers' Week 2019 Guide

Freshers' Week Guide 2019

Freshers' Week Guide 2015

What to expect during your first week of student life.

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Freshers' Week - Survival Tips

Freshers' Week Survival Tips

Want to know how to survive your first week of uni?

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University Checklist

University checklist

A comprehensive list of everything to take with you for your new student life.

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Student Bank Accounts

Best student bank accounts 2015

With so many banks offering student accounts, we tell you how to choose the best one for you.

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Student budgeting

Pay for those essentials every month while still having enough in the kitty for socialising.

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TV Licence

Student TV licence

Unfortunately, you still have to pay for a TV licence as a student.

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Council Tax

Student Council Tax

Students don't have to pay Council Tax, but there are some exceptions to this rule.

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Student Tax and National Insurance

Student Tax and National Insurance

If you get a job at university, you'll have to pay Income Tax and National Insurance if you earn over a certain amount.

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