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UCAS Frequently Asked Questions

Our UCAS Frequently Asked Questions guide answers the most common questions asked by prospective undergraduates, and we hope it helps you with the UCAS application process.

We've divided the questions into categories to make it easier for you to find the answers you need.

We hope you find it useful, and if you have any feedback, please get in touch with us at


Apparently competition for university places is getting tougher. What can I do to ensure I have the best possible chance of being offered a place?

What are the UCAS application deadlines?

What happens if UCAS don't receive my application until after the deadline?

Help! I can't decide what course to apply for?

There are so many universities and colleges to choose from - how do I narrow down my choices?

I'm a disabled student. What help is available if I want to apply to university?


Can I send off a second application?

Can I reapply if I already have a deferred place?

Can I apply to both Cambridge and Oxford universities?

Can I apply if I already attend university?

Will I be frowned upon if I wish to defer my application?

I'm a mature student with qualifications, but no A levels - can I still apply?

UCAS Apply

How do I start using UCAS Apply?

What if I'm applying through a school, college or organisation?

How do I pay?

Can I send my application directly to UCAS?

What happens if I'm applying as an individual?

Completing the UCAS application form

Do I have to fill it out all at once?

Can I apply to a university or college for more than one course?

How many universities/colleges can I apply to?

Who should write my reference?


I am an international student - how do I enter my qualifications?

What are certified exam results?

Personal statement

Can I use foreign characters?

How much can I write?

Should I talk about my gap year?

I'm stuck writing my personal statement - where can I get in-depth advice?

After you've submitted your UCAS application form

I've just sent off my UCAS application - what happens now?

I haven't received a welcome letter - what should I do?

Will my chosen universities/colleges know where else I have applied to?

Am I likely to get an interview?

Help! I've been invited to interview - how do I prepare?