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Student Guides


Student Guide to Accommodation

Information and articles on renting student accommodation and your rights as a tenant in student housing.

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Budgeting, Money & Finance

Student Guide to Budgeting, Money & Finance

Various guides on making the most of your loan with budgeting tips and other money related guides and advice.

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Gap Years

Student Guide to taking a Gap Year

Should you take a gap year, what are the pros and cons and how can you stay in touch while you're away?

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Health & Relationships

Student Guide to Health & Relationships

Tips on coping with your flatmates in shared accommodation and sexual health advice for students.

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Jobs & Careers

Student Guide to Jobs & Careers

Work experience, part time jobs and the world of work as a graduate.

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Student Guide to Socialising

How to cope with Freshers Week and make new friends.

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Studying Overseas

Student Guide to Studying Overseas

Thinking about a change of scenery during your studies?

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Studying & Revision

Student Guide to Studying & Revision

Worrying about exams, deadlines and the stress of university work? We tell you how to cope with your workload.

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Student Guide to Technology

Try mobile broadband to help with studying on the go and find out how to find a cheap car while at university.

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University & College Admissions

Student Guide to University & College Admissions

Make sure you're making the right choice what to study and where with various guides on the different options available to you.

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