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UCAS Adjustment 2020

If you’ve just received your A Level exam results and found you’ve achieved better grades than expected, then many congratulations!

This means you are eligible to enter UCAS Adjustment, providing you have exceeded the conditions required for your firm offer and paid the full UCAS application fee of £24.

Although you can not change your insurance choice, you have the opportunity to try and secure an alternative course and/or university to your original firm choice.

For example, you may originally have had a firm offer at the University of Newcastle to study Geography, but your achieved grades mean you can try to obtain a place to study the same course at a more highly ranked university, such as Warwick.  

You can enter the Adjustment process from A level results day onwards, up until 31st August.

However, you will only be given 5 days (including weekends) to find an alternative course. So try to register before the 27th August to make sure you get the full 5 days allowed!

It’s important you register for Adjustment on the UCAS Track system in order for universities and colleges to view your application.

Track will also tell you when your Adjustment period closes so you know exactly how much time you have to find another course and/or university.

If you do not find a suitable alternative within your 5 day Adjustment period, don’t worry - you will still have a place at your original firm choice.

If you do happen to find an alternative course, make sure it's what you really want to do before committing to it. 5 days isn't very long to research new places and decide whether any of them are better than your original firm choice.