Personal Statement Questions 2025

Working with students and providers, UCAS have tested different models to make it easier for students to convey why they think they should be offered a place on a course at university. As a result, both groups identified a preference for
structured questions that make the task more clear and focused, and limiting the need for support.

So far, UCAS has identified six key areas for students to think about and answer as part of their UCAS application:

  • Motivation for the course – why do you want to study this particular course?
  • Preparedness for course – how has your learning so far helped you to be ready to succeed on these courses?
  • Preparation through other experiences – what else have you done to help you prepare, and why are these experiences useful?
  • Extenuating circumstances – is there anything that the universities and colleges need to know about, to help them put your achievements and experiences so far into context?
  • Preparedness for study – what have you done to prepare yourself for student life?
  • Preferred learning styles – which learning and assessment styles best suit you – how do your courses choices match that?

Please note that these questions are subject to change as UCAS continue to refine these areas to ensure that they capture the information providers really need from applicants.