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Student Jobs & Careers


  • Big Data Career Opportunities For MBA Grads - More and more businesses are electing to harness the power of data to inform their decision-making process.  To do so, they are hiring MBA grads in ever-greater numbers.

  • Marketing Degree Career Options -  Be prepared to work hard, both to secure a place on a course and to successfully develop a career in the field in the future.

  • Common Teacher Problems - Those who work in education know there are plenty of problems each teacher has to face.

  • Increasing Your Employability At University - University is officially one of the most fun experiences ever, yet when it all comes to an end, graduates can often be seen tearing their hair out, with a lost look on their faces.

  • Top Job Searching Tips For School leavers & Graduates - Though trends tell us that life will soon start to get easier for jobseekers, here are three options you can take to get ahead of the curve now

  • The Graduate Transition To Employment - You’ve finished university and the pressure is on, so what do you do now?  What should be an exciting transition into meaningful employment can often be a severe reality check; there aren’t many jobs around right now - never mind good jobs.

  • LGV Training & Careers For Students - Offering students the opportunity to learn a skill for life, get a qualification and add another string to their employability bow, an LGV qualification is attractive to many and offers real career prospects as well.

  • Careers In Health & Social Care - A recent report by the National Audit Office has found that adult social care in England is under increasing pressure and that more skilled workers in health and social care are required to help ease the burden.

  • Is Your Online Bio Hurting You? Here's How to Fix It - You know that you should remove the less-than-flattering picture from last year’s spring break trip, and it might be best discontinue your membership in the Facebook group “Leave Work Early and Get Sloshed,” at least while you’re looking for a job.

  • 5 Reasons To Work In The Public Sector - According to one university study, students who choose public sector work want to make a difference and effect lasting change on the problems of the world

  • Funding The BPTC - The Bar Council’s website has a short list of places you can find funding, and law schools often offer a scholarship, but there are other more wide-ranging options for helping finance your studies.