How much can I write?

You can write up to 47 lines and use no more than 4000 characters for your UCAS personal statement.

UCAS have set a limit on how much you can write so you can demonstrate to admissions tutors your reasons for choosing to study your course in a clear and concise manner.

To help you keep within the limit, try our Personal Statement Length Checker, which will tell you if it's over the 4,000 character limit. 

We recommend you complete at least three or four drafts of your personal statement, each with a round of reviews by family, friends and teachers, to help you cut down your initial attempt to the length required, and make sure you have included everything you need for a successful statement. 

Our wide range of Personal Statement Tips and other general UCAS Personal Statement writing advice will also help you write a concise, yet comprehensive UCAS statement. 

You can also browse our huge library of personal statement examples for inspiration on how to put together your own unique statement (please do not copy any whole phrases or paragraphs, or you will be penalised by UCAS for plagiarism). Here you can look at statements by subject, university, and rating