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Personal Statements By Subject

Want to know how to write a great personal statement? Browse through our library of examples by subject for inspiration, and use our personal statement template as a guide to help you.

Accountancy (46)
Actuarial Science (12)
American Studies (6)
Anthropology (23)
Archaeology (19)
Architecture (33)
Art and Design (47)
Biochemistry (16)
Bioengineering (2)
Biology (78)
Biomedical Science (55)
Biotechnology (7)
Business and Management (80)
Business (110)
Catering and Food (5)
Chemistry (31)
Classics (8)
Computer Science (93)
Computing and IT (119)
Criminology (35)
Dance (1)
Dentistry (13)
Design (23)
Dietetics (2)
Drama (18)
Economics (140)
Education (34)
Engineering (172)
English (145)
Environment (9)
Environmental Science (12)
Event Management (5)
Fashion (16)
Film (21)
Finance (56)
Forensic Science (10)
Gap Year (3)
Geography (55)
Geology (11)
Health Sciences (20)
History of Art (5)
History (129)
Hotel Management (7)
International Relations (87)
International Student (16)
International Studies (9)
Islamic Studies (4)
Japanese Studies (6)
Journalism (16)
Land Economy (3)
Languages (85)
Law (152)
Linguistics (18)
Management (46)
Marketing (21)
Mathematics (92)
Mature Student (12)
Media (43)
Medicine (98)
Midwifery (8)
Music (25)
Music Technology (7)
Natural Sciences (15)
Neuroscience (11)
Nursing (28)
Occupational Therapy (8)
Osteopathy (3)
PGCE (5)
Pharmacy (19)
Philosophy (81)
Photography (8)
Physics (49)
Physiology (4)
Physiotherapy (7)
Politics (183)
Postgraduate Persona (17)
Psychology (141)
Radiography (6)
Religious Studies (3)
Social Work (25)
Sociology (67)
Sports & Leisure (13)
Sports Science (14)
Surveying (1)
Theology (8)
Travel and Tourism (5)
Urban Planning (5)
Veterinary Science (6)
Zoology (7)


No medicine statements yet I

No medicine statements yet I'm afraid, medics seem strangely reluctant to release them, though I will try and get hold of some over the summer. In the meantime look at the personal statement forum on Medschoolguide.

The personal statement

The personal statement section has been reorgansied to make it easier to navigate. Look out for more changes soon.

Another two personal

Another two personal statements have been added along with the first one for medicine - Keep them coming!

Three new personal statements

Three new personal statements this week thanks to Anjool at

No one has given me any

No one has given me any english personal statements, so I don't currently have any on the site - a quick search at google brings up a couple though and one at looks useful.

The new Personal Statements

The new Personal Statements page layout is good :)

Sorry I don't have any

Sorry I don't have any personal statements on these topics and can't find any examples on other sites either. However I may be able to give you some general advice if you make a post in the forum which details about your problem.

Unless anyone donates one I

Unless anyone donates one I won't have any dental statements. There should be some medicine ones coming soon and maybe a geography one. I'll see if I can get hold of any dental ones though.

The new medicine statements

The new medicine statements have arrived, possibly with more on the way.

To the guest above. I have been unable to locate any dentistry personal statements, but I'll add it to the list of subjects I'm searching for.

I should probably see again -

I should probably see again - I cannot add more personal statements just like that - people need to donate them!


I made a web site that will guide you into the path of a medical career. Please do visit. The address is

is there any on dentistry?

is there any on dentistry?

Civil Engineering ??

There are no personal statements for civil/environmental engineering.

need more variations in economics statments

there needs to be more examples of economics personal statements with other subjects e.g politics or philosophy

there are no personal

there are no personal statements for pharmacy

I cant see any comments made

I cant see any comments made by guests! is this correct?

Sorry Daveo, a small error

Sorry Daveo, a small error meant that they wern't appearing over the past week. Everything should be fixed now.

I wish some geographers would

I wish some geographers would submit their personal statements! Mine's all done and sent off, but it would be nice to read what some other people wrote!

If I get into med 2006

If I get into med 2006, then i will gladly add my ps to the list :)

I'd like to see some Geog

I'd like to see some Geog ones too. Surely there's some people who have applied to geog last year or the year before that wouldn't mind sharing?

Hi! excellent site and really

Hi! excellent site and really helpful, especially the personal statements with profiles, but any ideas where I can find a few more examples of personal statements for politics and/or philosophy??? thanks!

hey, a very helpful website!

hey, a very helpful website! thanks!
p.s u dont have any personal statements for accountancy :(

hi its very useful thanx but

hi its very useful thanx but there isn't one relating Accountancy which i would like to do.........

One medicine PS is under

One medicine PS is under chemsistry topic, thought you should know.

Shame there's no dentistry

Shame there's no dentistry personal statements but its a really useful site!

Hi, Can you tell me how long

Hi, Can you tell me how long it takes for a statement to be reviewed? Ive had mine on there for a while and ive heard nothing


no accounting

hi just wanted to say that u havn't got personal statments on accounting. a lot of friends of mine are doing accounting at uni i wana do bsc accounting and economics plz write some stuff bout it. thx

If it's not too personal

If it's not too personal people should also post their AS and predicted grades so we get a better idea of why universities haven't accepted certain students.

the personal statement could be great but if predicted grades are lower than required we will understand why such a good personal statement was rejected.

More accounting personal

More accounting personal statements are needed. Thanx.


Great site but there are no PS on film studies or anything film related

excellent site!

excellent site!

Pharmacy statement

My Pharmacy personal statement is under Medicine. Feel free to read and add your comments.

mechanical engineering

there is no mechanical engineering statement

there are no personal

there are no personal statements from access students


im trying to upload my ps but the page does not load after clicking on th upload icon.

Theres a few problems with

Theres a few problems with the site at the moment. I don't know exactly what's wrong with the upload system but you shouldn't be allowed to upload your PS anyway as you used the PS review system - anyone who uploaded their personal statement using the PSR will get the option to donate their personal statement to Studential in June.

I've just been through all

I've just been through all the comments deleating all the inappropriate ones. Sorry it's taken suuch a long time, and if you've had a nasty comment on your ps for a while.

I'll be regularly checking comments from now on so [b]dont post inappropriate or unconstructive comments![/b]

pharmacy ps

is there any pharmacy related ps?thanx


Jolly good show chapy. I like the layout...its fantabaricious!!!!

why no marine biology

why no marine biology statements?

pink archy

please can u help me out with architecture?

none on actuarial science

i could really do with some help on ym actuarial science peraonal stateement, but you havn't got any exaples, would be greatly apprietiated if some could be posted.

There don't seem to be any

There don't seem to be any personal statements from Vet Med Students. Some would be interesting and a big help for guideline

excellent site, really helped

excellent site, really helped but has anyone got personal statements on forensic science? thanks x

I'm a bit disappointed that

I'm a bit disappointed that there are no midwivery or nursing personal statements!!

real estate management

could you help me with a personal statement for real estate management or anythin similar??? thank you

history of art statements

history of art statements pleaase!

i need combine personal

i need combine personal statement of Finace or Accountancy wit Computer science man plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

There needs to be more

There needs to be more Chemistry statements as for the medicine ones they are very good although the Pharmacy ones are a bit poor.

I am very impressed that you

I am very impressed that you have made a site which offers students free sample personal statements, as I found myself lost for words when trying to sell myself to the universities of my choice. However this site helped to give me some food for thought and thanks to you I am in my final stages of completing it.