Religious Studies Personal Statement Examples

I find it inspiring to be in the presence of other people who are seeking understanding of themselves, and the most intense experience I can remember is when I attended a Baptism where I witnessed the transformation people would undergo...
The earth once spoke with a single voice and now the voices of billions become the echoes of choice. Living in a society abundant in people from diverse backgrounds and faiths I have grown to love and appreciate the immeasurable amount of knowledge available to me...
England and Japan are two immensely contrasting worlds: this distinctiveness is why the undeniable magic of Japanese culture has always attracted me to study its oriental societies and traditions. I have been enthralled by the Japanese language since I was a young teenager; reading 'Japanese for Busy People' at school and trying to note down homework reminders in Kanji, anything to incorporate Japanese into my daily life...
I'm applying for the course because I'm interested in the intersections between the human and the divine. It's a paradox that puzzles me: how does one articulate spiritual experience which, by its very nature, is beyond words? How do the holy texts of different traditions, the mystics, and the poets aritculate that which goes beyond what we can possibly imagine? And, more fundamentally, why do we as human beings imagine God? I have had a fascination with religious ritual and imagery since I was a child, but it never occurred to me to develop my own spiritual practice or pursue this interest academically until the autumn of 2019, when I went to volunteer for two months at Bonnevaux, a contemplative community in rural France which also serves as the headquarters of The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM)...

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