Zoology Personal Statement Examples

I am applying to study Zoology because of my enthusiasm for the environment and my fascination for living organisms. I am particularly interested in physiology and animal behaviour, as well as ecology and biodiversity which I have studied at A level, and would welcome the opportunity of acquiring further knowledge on biological aspects with a focus on animals...
I have recently become a member of the North of England Zoological Society and as such have been receiving Chester Zoo’s own magazine ‘Zoo Life’. This magazine has really opened my eyes to the workings of a modern day zoological garden and the passion the authors of the articles obviously have for animals comes through in their writing...
It has always been an ambition of mine to work with animals. I have kept animals since a very young age and I think that this has proved valuable as it has given me a sense of responsibility. Animals that I have kept include rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters and chinchillas - I currently have 17 chinchillas which are involved with breeding programmes that I have set up myself at home...
I am applying for the Bsc Zoology at Reading University. Currently I study a Social Science Access course at Alton College to enable me to reach my goal of becoming a Zoologist. I am very very interested in the biological make up of animals and their environment and how this affects habitats and populations...
I have an avid interest in Aquaculture and Fishery Management and would like to study these subjects at degree level. I would like to learn more about the modern fishery, how it works and manages to provide so many and such a variety of different aquatic creatures...
As a child, I would often sit and watch my Dad’s fish tank and wonder why we only had one Siamese Fighting Fish. He made me laugh, as he would often “jump” out of the tank when we opened it, or attack his own reflection...
Nature is all around us and are a large part of my life. As much of my free time as possible is spent kayaking, horse riding, climbing mountains, camping, and taking photos of or painting landscapes and wildlife. At university, I would like to study a course in conservation. I believe that learning how we can protect and restore the incredible world that we live in and the creatures that live on it is vital, so that future generations can enjoy it as much as me.

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