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I am applying to study Zoology because of my enthusiasm for the environment and my fascination for living organisms. I am particularly interested in physiology and animal behaviour, as well as ecology and biodiversity which I have studied at A level, and would welcome the opportunity of acquiring further knowledge on biological aspects with a focus on animals.

I am currently hoping for a work experience placement at the Cotswold Wildlife Park or with the Oxford Preservation Trust, and intend to travel abroad on a wildlife conservation project. Eventually I hope to pursue a career in an organisation such as Bom Free Foundation, WWFN, or to carry out research of my own on animals in their natural habitat.
My genuine interest in Zoology has been broadened by popular literature by Steven Jay Gould such as 'Hen's teeth and Horse's Toes'; this proved exciting and explanatory. I have visited. Science and Natural History museums, and television nature documentaries alongside Geography and Biology lessons help me appreciate the pressures on wildlife today.

My A level subjects support my interest in the overlap between real-life studies, scientific theory and the 'wider economic and social context as explored in General Studies. I lived in Portugal until recently and am bilingual in English and Portuguese. I find studying French very useful for travel. I have been on both Biology and Geography residential courses in which I leant valuable fieldwork techniques and practised working individually as well as with others.

Outside school I have a part-time job at WHSmith as a Sales Assistant and I help at the Bradmore nursery in north Oxford for Millennium Volunteers, which complements my babysitting skills. I have also made collections for charity, namely for the 'Leprosy Relief Association' and 'The Red Cross'.

I found my work experience at the Oxford University Department of Experimental Psychology in
February 2000 very stimulating and I continue to take part in current research studies at the department as part of the control group As a result of these commitments I have become more ambitious, determined, and responsible and have a better understanding of the world of work.

I enjoy reading novels, spending time with friends and dancing. I attend the Royal Academy of Dancing Ballet school and I am working towards my grade 8.

I have taken part in Ballet shows, a Fashion show for Young Enterprise and more recently was a member of the backstage crew for the school production. I have an interest in sport, I have been mountain climbing, scuba diving and snorkelling and take pleasure in swimming, cycling and ice- skating. I'm very much looking forward to the work and the social side at University, meeting new people and extending my studies to a field that fascinates me.

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it's so so, not oxbridge

it's so so, not oxbridge quality in my mind though

I think it has some good

I think it has some good points in it, the structure could be changed around a little but the substance of the statement is good


Its great


Hello everybody

This statement would not get you into university becasue of the lack of information on it and its poor content. please do not copy this beacsue if you do you will find that you will not be accepted any where.

thanks and reagrds

DR John Smith

Do you think that being

Do you think that being called zoohair is enough to get me into university to do zoology??

really good

defo one of the best ps ive read in a while, a big thumbs up to the writer, fantastic work.

A Frustrated Reader

Listen dudes this is a serious site would youse all just wise up and stop ruining such an ace site.
I bet all of you are sitting in M28 trying to act hard in front of your mates.
Thanks man.



I am applying to study

I am applying to study Zoology because of my enthusiasm for the environment and my fascination for living organisms.

now thats embarassing

You are all idiots. Why

You are all idiots. Why advise him/her? If you read the statement you would have noted that he took work experience in 2000. This personal statement has long since been submitted.


These personal statements are read by many people applying for the course, so the advise is for anyone reading who wants to get some insperation for there PS from this one and to make sure they dont make the same mistakes.


Yeah it is ok but i do think they should've highlighted the work experience more and to make that a bigger point coz it does show initiative!

hope you got into uni!

from somone who actually belongs in college

I like how so many of these comments judging this essay are misspelling simple words, like: sentence ("sentance"), universities ("universitys"), learned ("learnt"), regards ("reagrds") and anywhere ("any where")... and use of the word "there" rather than "their".. The only person who left a comment worth anything is the one who called you all a bunch of idiots.

not bad

I think since this person has taken part in some valuable work placements and work experience, they are probably selling themself short a little. It is certainly not a bad personal statement, just a little generic (I'm sure everyone applying for zoology is enthusiastic about animals etc) and you'd need to elaborate to really make yourself stand out. That said, people who have all the extra experience might not need to rely on their personal statement as much as others.

Really quite poor.

Really quite poor.

broompark=tom merrit

broompark=tom merrit


absolute FAIL

ahhh 1 star ... unlucky !!!

ahhh 1 star ... unlucky

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