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Nature is all around us and are a large part of my life. As much of my free time as possible is spent kayaking, horse riding, climbing mountains, camping, and taking photos of or painting landscapes and wildlife. At university, I would like to study a course in conservation. I believe that learning how we can protect and restore the incredible world that we live in and the creatures that live on it is vital, so that future generations can enjoy it as much as me.

Growing up watching David Attenborough’s documentaries, exposed me to both how incredible the natural world is and the struggles faced by many species, especially in the light of global warming and pollution. In year 10 I was chosen to represent my school, as a select group, on a Geography trip to India. We were able to see first-hand the contrast in living standards and the effect that waste has on the people and wildlife living there. As I got older, I have looked more closely into how people can help animal populations to recover from the effects of human activity, through online research, documentaries, and TED talks.

As well as enriching my biological insight through studying Biology, I have enhanced my analytical and problem-solving skills and have learnt in more depth about biodiversity and how interrelated populations in an ecosystem are. Geography has helped me grow skills such as primary data collection, during my NEA investigation, and reasoning skills with fast paced essay writing. With Psychology I have gained a plethora of skills, such as critical thinking, organisation and communication through constant essays where we question why studies may have had these outcomes and the validity of these results.

For work experience, I volunteered for The Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT), who work with farmers on rewilding projects and promote sustainable farming. This enabled me to learn how conservation works in a real-life environment and gave me the opportunity to develop my survey skills by using methods such as walking transects to predict the populations of various species of wildlife. Carrying out these activities in the natural environment confirmed for me that I would like to work in conservation in the future.

When I took part in NCS, we worked to restore the gardens of an old peoples’ home. We helped to nurture the local wildlife and make it a nicer environment for the residents. During this, I developed teamwork skills and confidence and was nominated for the Changemaker course due to my leadership abilities. Through my part time job at Dominos, I have learnt a lot about working under pressure and remaining calm when dealing with difficult customers. I have proved myself to be hardworking, punctual and capable and have trained other employees.

Having been part of scouting and guiding from the age of five, I have done many camps, hikes and outdoor activities. I recently completed my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award, which grew my leadership as I motivated my team to get to each checkpoint. In addition, hiking expands my determination as I aspire to complete all the Wainwrights of the Lake District. Moreover, I have regularly helped at a local stable, aiding younger children and teaching them to ride.

I have also shown that I am responsible and trustworthy, as I am often entrusted with looking after other’s horses. Throughout my life I have enjoyed caring for many pets of my own, showing my diligence and reliability by cleaning their hutches and feeding them. Furthermore, I enjoy painting wildlife, showing creativity and have been studying an online photography course, in addition to my A-levels. Additionally, I play the piano and am working towards grade 7. This has grown my perseverance and being part of a band has helped me to work well with others.

I am excited about the opportunity of learning more about these areas that interest me at university and am also hoping to broaden my experience through travelling to gain work experience globally.

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I am wanting to do a degree where it is a little less academic and more interesting to me. I am applying to Bangor, Aberystwyth and UWE Bristol.
Please give plenty of criticism as I need thee advice :)


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