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I have recently become a member of the North of England Zoological Society and as such have been receiving Chester Zoo’s own magazine ‘Zoo Life’.

This magazine has really opened my eyes to the workings of a modern day zoological garden and the passion the authors of the articles obviously have for animals comes through in their writing. I feel this is the most important characteristic of all for animal carers – a passion for the animals they look after.

This is a characteristic that I myself possess and would love the opportunity to build on by studying for a degree in Zoology. I would eventually like a career working with wild animals, so I have also become a member of the Association of British Wild Animal Keepers.

A Levels in Biology and Environmental Science were obvious choices to study at college to help me on my way towards my career goal. I find them challenging but immensely enjoyable and both have provided me with useful skills that will help me at degree level, such as various experimental and fieldwork skills.

I am also studying A Level Law, which I chose purely out of interest as a contrast to my science based curriculum. This subject has given me a lot of practice at writing essays and extended answers, as the exams are mostly essay based.

My college enrichment activities currently include a Latin course, which I’m thinking about taking to GCSE level. I chose to do this course to enrich my other programs of study by increasing my confidence at working independently, as everyone in the class is working at a different level, teacher-led classes would be inappropriate.

I am also hoping to join a sign language course later in the year which will help me socially throughout life, and will vastly improve my communication skills.

Ecological modules are something which I am particularly interested in studying, as ecosystems and the interactions between living animals and their non living environments fascinate me.

I am also looking forward to learning about marine mammals and habitats, as I have never really studied these in great depth before and have wanted to ever since I visited Florida’s Sea World!

I am currently looking forward to a four week work experience placement on a mammalian section of Chester Zoo in summer 2005, which will help me enormously with a degree course in Zoology and will also give me an insight into my future career plans.

As a student here, I will gain hands on experience in working with wild animals and will also learn about proper safety precautions and conservation methods, as well as a thorough grounding in ‘life as a keeper!’

My part time job at WM Morrison Supermarkets, which I have had for the past twelve months, has given me lots of experience of the employment world, and has also greatly developed my customer service skills.

As part of the job, I have been on various courses, including health and safety in the work place, food hygiene and also a disability discrimination awareness course.

In my spare time I love to read, especially fantasy novels where I can lose myself in the world of the characters. I also enjoy socialising with friends in and out of college and, of course, playing with my pets!

I am thoroughly looking forward to beginning university life next September and enrolling on a degree course I know I will enjoy and achieve at.

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Overall a good statement try and make your conclusion have more of an impact on the administrator marking it. at the moment you've got 1 line of hobbies juxtaposed with 1 line of life and achievements. move hobbies up and put why you're looking forward to joining the uni and how you may become an asset etc

why zoology

why zoology

o.k. so it's a personal

o.k. so it's a personal statement, elaborate!!!

looks like the only fool

looks like the only fool there was the one who obv doesnt know what the fundamental parts of a personal statement shud be.



yeah they should've talked

yeah they should've talked mroe about zoology itself, again the whole joining of societies is good but linking it more to zoology would've made it better!

Fantastic. A GREAT statement.

Fantastic. A GREAT statement. In this world, we are running out of zoologists.

We need more of these people, and keep zoos open for families to come and have fun.

Well done and good luck with the admissions (I'm an admissions officer).

i like it

my comment title says it all. thorough, well-written and to the point. what i dont get is why people are criticising it NOW that you've rather obviously already handed it in.

Did you get any offers with

Did you get any offers with this?

I like elephants wooo

I like elephants wooo

It's a pretty rubbish

It's a pretty rubbish statment for several reasons:

1. Talking about how much you love animals isn't going to convince them you're interested in the hard science

2. Don't comment on how much you love biology AS level. Unnecessary as it's a biological course.

3. Elaborate on what you have read. What in the book/magazine did you find interesting?

4. Elaborate on course; what kind of animals do you want to study?

5. In relation to extra curricular activities: how do these make you a better candidate in the context of the course?

6. Lacks individuality. Says the same sort of things most zoology PSs say

Apart from that it's okay I guess, but just writing an 'okay' PS won't get you a good place, if at all.

Comment by guest at 11/09

Comment by guest at 11/09/2008 20:50:10

>Fantastic. A GREAT statement. In this world, we are running out of zoologists.

>We need more of these people, and keep zoos open for families to come and have fun.

>Well done and good luck with the admissions (I'm an admissions officer).

I call bullshit. This is a sub-par personal statement, and this world is not "running out of zoologists", it is in fact the most competitive industry in the world. It's hard to even get a VOLUNTEER position in this field. It is absolutely not necessary to "keep zoos open for families to come and have fun", you fucking barbarian, that is not what zoos are for. It's what they USED to be for, before people grew up and realised they had a great opportunity to start preserving and breeding species with dwindling numbers. For that matter, zookeeper is one of the most over-applied-for jobs in the zoological industry, so don't fret, there will always be zookeepers abound. You are not an admissisions officer, or if you are, you're admissions for a non-zoological subject, because again, this is an awful personal statement. Bullshit.

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