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I have an avid interest in Aquaculture and Fishery Management and would like to study these subjects at degree level. I would like to learn more about the modern fishery, how it works and manages to provide so many and such a variety of different aquatic creatures.

As we use more land for residential purposes we will look increasingly to the water as a source of sustainable food .I plan to be involved in this change my aim being to develop a multi species fish farming system which is as self sustaining as possible.

I have a keen interest in the natural world and brought up on a farm with a love of natural history documentaries and science, I pursued this interest by taking triple science for GCSE and continuing Biology for AS level. I enjoy discovering and observing wildlife and because of my background I am aware of the personal satisfaction achieved from working hard.

As a child I went fishing with my Grandad and my interest in the aquatic world was sparked after successfully catching my first rainbow trout while fishing on Esthwaite Water, its beautiful shimmering scales sparked my imagination.

I have pursued my interest in fishing with trips to the Isle of Man and the Scilly Isles where I caught some superb examples of Pollack and Ballan Wrasse as well as the summer staple, Mackerel. I have designed and built my own pond in which I have kept and bred common goldfish.

I am fascinated by tropical fish and have successfully kept butterfly cichlids, honey gourami along with the resilient zebra danio and lemon tetras. I enjoy working in a water environment and helped to restore the stream in my local village.

This involved removing old flood defences and rubbish from the water way. I spent a week on the West coast of Scotland photographing and studying aquatic life present on the beach and rock pools. A selection of this work was then exhibited at a local gallery as part of a new artist exhibition.

I based my AS level art coursework on marine life this included sculptures of fish and seals and photographs of jewel urchins in rock pools and blenny’s on the rocks.

I have a love of the outdoors and enjoy shooting, fishing, kayaking and walking and have walked the 127km Wolds way from Filey to Hessle for the charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Growing up in an area surrounded by shoots I have joined the local clay shooting club and enjoy going pigeon shooting and by listening to advice strive to improve my performance.

I am a member of Young Farmers and have held a number of positions of responsibility. I have held the position of program organiser for three years. I have good organisational skills and have been elected to and served in the post of vice chairman for two years as well as sitting on the county executive committee for East Riding, which votes on proposals at county and national level.

I was nominated by my Young Farmers Club for a Rotary Club Youth Leadership Award and successfully won a round of interviews and spent a week on the clubs leadership course at Hebden Bridge along with 30 other young leaders learning the importance of teamwork and different leadership styles.

I believe this definitely helped me gain knowledge of leading a team as well as the essential skills required in supporting a team as a team member.

I feel that the valuable opportunity of studying a course in Aquaculture and Fishery Management will enable me to pursue my passion for fish whilst equipping me with the essential knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to gain employment and pursue a career in the aquatic field.

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