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As a child, I would often sit and watch my Dad’s fish tank and wonder why we only had one Siamese Fighting Fish. He made me laugh, as he would often “jump” out of the tank when we opened it, or attack his own reflection. I didn’t realise at the time the potential negative impacts this could have on his welfare, and am pleased that I now know how to reduce chances of a Betta injuring themselves. This was the first time I ever questioned why an animal was performing in such a way, and have continued to do so for many years.
It wasn’t until I started studying Animal Management at College in 2017 that I was introduced to Animal Behaviour as a subject, and not just a few thoughts that entered my head at the zoo or when watching the animals at home. Even when completing work experience on farms and in veterinary surgeries, I didn’t know of the subject until this point. I learned that there were other people in the world asking the same questions as me- why do chimpanzees groom each other instead of just themselves? Why do tigers lead a solitary lifestyle when lion prides have been known to have 40 members?
In August 2017, I visited Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for a two-week voluntary placement. Here I helped with the husbandry of various species of African wildlife, including: lions, baboons, Vervet monkeys, leopard, hyena, serval and various species of owls. On a rota basis with the other volunteers, I helped prepare and give food to the animals, cleaning enclosures, and basic maintenance of the Orphanage. I also had the opportunity to go on excursions, where I had the opportunity to see a variety of African Wildlife in their natural environment.
It was here I discovered my love of primates, and made the decision that studying primates is something I wanted to do. From this I immersed myself in the world of Primatology and other areas of animal behaviour, including reading books such as “Are we Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?” by the Dutch Primatologist Frans De Waal, and Sir David Attenborough’s autobiography “Life on Air”, which combines information on his career with facts about different species of animals that he has encountered on his journey as a naturalist and broadcaster. I also found myself watching documentaries on Dr Jane Goodall and her work with the chimpanzees of Tanzania.
As an individual, I’ve always been involved in clubs and societies inside and outside of school. I was involved in girlguiding since the age of five, beginning in Rainbows and eventually becoming a member of Senior Section. I was a young leader at a Brownie group, and often organised evenings for the girls and attended camps. I was also an avid member of my school’s music societies, including Choir and Big Band. I was incredibly committed to these events, and was regularly at rehearsals and meetings in my free time. Additionally, I took part in the Government’s NCS programme shortly after my GCSEs. This involved personal development skills, including building my confidence and helping me interact with other people. It also developed my team work and organisational skills, as I helped organise a successful family fun day to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. My involvement in NCS helped me secure my sales assistant job at Trespass, which I have had since September 2017. This has helped my customer service skills, as well as learning the basics of the outdoor industry, which will help me progress in a career where I will be outdoors for a lot of the time.
I would love to continue my involvement in societies when I go to university, and believe I would be a dedicated and enthusiastic presence in the university life. Ultimately though, I look forward to gaining more knowledge in the behaviour of animals, and believe that university is the next step in me achieving my goal of becoming an ethologist with specialisation in primates, and making a difference for animals internationally.

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Okay so this has been the biggest pain in the butt! However, i'm quite proud of it but i've not submitted it yet, so would appreciate some feedback if possible :) I've still got a month before I can apply.
I'm applying to
Anglia Ruskin
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Manchester Metropolitan

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