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I am applying for the Bsc Zoology at Reading University. Currently I study a Social Science Access course at Alton College to enable me to reach my goal of becoming a Zoologist.

I am very very interested in the biological make up of animals and their environment and how this affects habitats and populations. I read a lot from reference books, from Conservation/Climate change to the Behavioural Neurobiology of animals. In my family home I have numerous animals which I find a joy to be around and a source of learning.

An active member of Greenpeace and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and other organisations in the field of Biology and animal rights, I often campaign and petition about animal rights/ welfare and conservation issues. I am very passionate about what I believe in and have a very strong desire to achieve success in the field of Zoology.

After completing a Zoology degree I hope to move on to Postgraduate study probably in Zoological Conservation or something similar.

Currently I work part time in an office whilst studying where I am developing skills which will help me with my choice of career, such as the ability to work both in a team and alone, and although always improving, my computer and communication skills are excellent.

I have a good base knowledge in animal biology and psychology, and am often asked for pet behaviour advice whilst at work by colleagues. Recently I have applied to volunteer at a local Wildlife Rescue centre where I hope to learn more transferable skills while I help defenceless animals.

I want to make a difference in this world - I feel so strongly about trying to make this world a better place by ensuring the safety of endangered species and educating mankind about renewable sources of energy and world conservation issues.

Although I do drive a car, which would normally break the rules of true environmentalists, I own a Mercedes Smart car. This is an environmentally friendly car (not as environmentally friendly as a bike!) and I love it - Its shows everyone exactly what I stand for. My ambition is to travel and work on conservation/research projects around the world.

I hope to eventually work for government funded research teams or for an organisation like the Zoological Society of London. I enjoy education and want to keep learning all throughout my life - this is a family value which has been installed in me and I fully appreciate it and know that Science/ Zoology is the right kind of subject which enables me to fulfil this.

After looking into Reading University, the facilities and environment look to be somewhere I am sure I would enjoy studying.

It would be an honour and privilege to study in such a reputable institution and hope to achieve my full potential in my chosen subject with the help of tutors and lecturers.

I am thoroughly enjoying the skills learned from the Access course and am appreciative of this stepping stone someone like me has been searching for. I am a bubbly bright personality and enjoy life. I hope to achieve big things and pick up some great skills from university which can be applied throughout my life and help contribute to my dreams.

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This personal statement was written by sophiep for application in 2008.


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surely mentioning one

surely mentioning one university when you are applying to others is not a good idea as any other uni apart from reading wont read past this line?? am i right or??

apart from that its not bad!

apart from that its not bad!

mentioning a uni name-

mentioning a uni name-

are you mad?

Its probable that this person

Its probable that this person is only applying to one uni hence she's made reference to it in her PS. I'm doing the exact same thing

I think they'd know what PETA

I think they'd know what PETA stands for

Mercedes !!! you wish m8

why on this earth did you mention the uni name RETARD they all ready no where you are applying for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha, owned!

haha, owned!

I like it

I like this personal statement, it stands out from the others with 'I have spent my entire life working unpaid on the most sought after animal conservation programmes in london whilst somehow surviving on thin air'. You come across as someone who lives in the real world who really understands how you will cope with this course and apply it to real life. I hope you got in with this. And as for mentioning the university name, I can't see that it does any real harm if you're only applying to one university (just like I am this year).

Slightly blurry for several

Slightly blurry for several reasons:

1. You have read a book. good. What in it specifically did you find interesting? If you have an interview, they will ask you about it

2. You say you learn a lot about zoology from your pets. What have you learned from them?

3. While it's important that you are concerned with the environment, your interest in the hard science is more appealing to universities. Give examples of animal behaviours/physiology that you find interesting

4. You want to do research. What particular fields are you interested in?

5. your 'computer and communications skills are excellent'. How will this make you a better candidate?

6. Say a bit more about what your hobbies and other interests are.

7. sucking up to universities and saying what an honour it would be to study there is NOT a convincing way to prove your suitability. Say why the university needs you, not why you need the university.

This would be an excellent application for doing some volunteering with Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace, but universities are more interested in whether you are willing and able to do the science

Good effort!

Some harsh comments on here which are not constructive and this is un fair. Clearly this person is applying for just one university so this really this isnt an issue. I think it is a good effort. Well done i hope you got in and thank you for sharing it :)

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