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It has always been an ambition of mine to work with animals. I have kept animals since a very young age and I think that this has proved valuable as it has given me a sense of responsibility.

Animals that I have kept include rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hamsters and chinchillas - I currently have 17 chinchillas which are involved with breeding programmes that I have set up myself at home.

After deciding to study National Diploma in Animal Management at college this has helped reinforce my ambitions and has introduced me to a greater range of animals.

This has given me a greater knowledge and understanding of animals. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical elements that were involved with the course during the first year of the course.

Practical lessons included weekly unit duties, practical animal handling and husbandry and also estate skills. In estate skills I took part in the planning and building of a fence. Units that I enjoyed during my first year included management of exotics, practical animal handling and husbandry and estate skills.

So far this year I have started studying 10 new units, the ones that I have taken a keen interest in are Animal Behaviour and Breeding. I greatly enjoy college as I feel that it has given me more confidence and has improved me as a person and I would like to carry on this personal evelopment by going on to study further at university .

I would like to continue on my academic career. I feel that by going to university this will help me gain an even further knowledge on animals and will also help me to gain the further experience that I feel is needed for a future career. I am very interested in the health, welfare and behaviour of animals.

I would also like to learn further about the scientific processes that are involved with animal management. I also feel that going to university would enable me to become more independent. I feel the course that I have applied to study will prepare me for work with a variety of positions within the animal care industry.

Ideally I would like to work in onservation but I understand that it is very competitive so going to university would not only prepare me for a career in conservation but also to prepare me for any job that I get in the future.

Work experience that I have undertaken whilst at college has included, working at two different veterinary practices as well as working at a local garden centre in the pets department. I enjoyed working in the garden centre as I was dealing with customers as well as working with the animals. For my six week placement this summer I have been offered the full six weeks at Amazing Animals which is a company who train and use animals for films, TV and photo shoots.

In my spare time I am an active member of Young Farmers in the local area and have played on the hockey team to represent my club, my county and the South East area in the National Finals this year.

I am also going to be taking part in a 10 pin bowling competition that is coming up shortly. I have always had a keen interest in hockey and I have played since being at school. I also enjoy the trampoline, swimming, horse riding and ice skating. I also play the clarinet and have done so for the past 10 years although I play a lot less now than I would like to.

I also try to socialise with my friends from both college and school as often as I can. I enjoy going to the cinema , playing laser quest , going rowing and punting . I think that I am a well rounded person and feel that I would fit into university life successfully.

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you mentioned the subjects

you mentioned the subjects that you have taken e.g mangement of exotics which will be shown anyway in your qualification section so there is no point saying it if you arnt going to expand on the statement.

lol if you ever plan to

lol if you ever plan to switch to business you could say how much of a profit the breeding program is.

No jokes, that's the most unique thing I've read in a PS.





Hi i'm a ferret and i live in

Hi i'm a ferret and i live in a freezer!

its soooo scary watchin him

its soooo scary watchin him watch me.....omg the things he makes me doooo aaarrrrggghhhh!!!!

What could be improved:

What could be improved:

1. If you're going to mention a college course already on your CV, elaborate on it.

2. No reference to further reading of books/journals

3. Starting your personal statement with 'I have always been interested in' is ill advised. Simply, admissions officers will not believe you

4. The personal statement written in such a way that you only talk about the benefits of taking the course to yourself. You need to convince them that you are better than the 3 other people who are applying for your place, and to do that you need to say why the university needs you, not why you need the university

Poor grammar

Poor grammar
Always type numbers as words, as it shows lack of presentation.


Appreciate you sharing, great article post.Much thanks again. Want more.

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