Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Examples

To broaden my knowledge of different areas of finance, I have read a number of different books on the subject - from "How the City of London Works" to "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I am also a regular reader of the Economist magazine.
My world is populated by numbers. Numbers are the most powerful tool for good and I see myself as someone who can wield these numbers. That is why accountancy is the only option, in my opinion, to study at university.
The art of Mathematics requires a thorough mind-set of logic and practicality; this same mentality is reciprocated in many corresponding fields such as Economics, Accounting and Finance.
Business, finance and accounting has been a passion of mine for some years now. I first had the idea of becoming a chartered accountant when my uncle told me about what he does in his role as finance manager of a local hospital; he inspired me to look deeper into the field and that was where my interest in finance and economics was first roote
‘Accounting is like Art’. You have to analyse every aspect before making a just decision. A teacher of mine once told me that if you were good at art, you would be good at accounts.
I have decided to apply to Msc Accounting and Management because I want to do career in this field and I am pretty sure that this program will equip me with lot of tools and skills required to do so.
My interest in Accountancy started at an early age. I began part-time work as a sales assistant at Prince Pharmacy two years ago, where I also participated in collecting and processing invoices.
As a result of studying Commerce in school I developed a passion to study Accounting. My ambition is to become a Chartered Accountant or achieve Masters in Accountancy, Finance and Taxation.
My goal is to become a professional accountant and I am determined to study Bachelor of Business Accounting (professional accounting) at your university which I am confident will broaden my knowledge further in accounting.
I have previous experience in an accounting environment where my position was as a trainee accountant. This gave me the experience of working at an accountancy firm, while showing me the skills and knowledge required for a future career.
Unlike most of people start their interests through achievements, my interest in accounting started with the failure of the ERP competition. When the Ill-planed budget caused the capital strand breaks, all of our strategies failed to work and the different part of team which suppose to be one fall apart.
I have always had a keen interest in Mathematics from an early age. From studying Maths at A-Level, I have gained further insight into the practical application of the subject, especially in the "Decision Mathematics" modules. It is this practical application that has led me to look at other maths-related subjects such as finance, accounting and business. I am especially interested in a course combining maths, with one or more of these applications.
Currently, I am a final-year student, studying International Economics and Trade at xxx University. I would like to increase my professional potential in Finance related field by pursuing Master studies at your university...
In my opinion, Accounting is the meaning of organise, structure and the fundamental of every business. Accounting can be used in different part of life, from a basic family to the biggest company or government, it is one of the most common and important part of the whole structure.
The globe financial market is currently undergoing a major shakeup. The reason for my choice of economics and accounting in such a situation is I consider myself as person who has a long-term view, loves challenge and is confident of my ability of communication and organisation.
In 1999 I graduated at Federal Technical College Abuja Nigeria; my priority was to advance into higher studies, but the poor finances my family were in stopped me progressing. In 2000 I started working part time in a chemist as a sales assistant; i financed myself through a computing course in 2002 and passed with confidence...
From studying at university, I intend to develop my personal characteristics and skills and learn to apply the knowledge I gain to pursue a career in an accounting or financial profession.
I am currently studying on the second year of a Higher National Diploma in Business and have been elected class spokesperson by both students and lecturers. Before this I was studying accounting with AAT for 2 years and gained an AS level in accounts alongside. To be a chartered accountant is still my ambition; however I find the HND has opened my eyes to economics and other finance related subjects.
From an early age I developed an strong interest in to the world of business and finance. My dad ran several family businesses and I spent most of my time around him in this business environment.
I feel accounting will offer me a steady career path in the financial world that could lead on to other related fields such as investment banking or financial analysis. Another reason I am attracted to accounting is that I have a strong interest in corporate business and the economy.
As a senior student at the Management School in Jinan University, one of the oldest key national universities in China, I will graduate in 2010 with a diploma. However, I believe that will not be the end of my academic life...
Accountancy and Finance remain central elements of the dynamics of commerce, that define the way a firm, shareholders and society at large interact on multiple platforms.
Accounting to me is not just a subject, but a life skill. It invokes not only the core disciplines of business and economics but it provides these in both a local and global context. I see Accounting as an international common language between businesses, to analyse accounts and influence future decisions companies will make.
Having being raised in a family associated in the field of mathematics and business, this has enabled me to grow a desire and create an impact towards my degree choice. This is why I will always have a passion to pursue a career in mathematics, accounting and finance.
For me Accounting is something I am incredibly passionate about. From a young age I have always enjoyed Mathematics and problem solving; fortunately for me these two interests of mine are a part of the fundamentals of Accounting and Finance.
I have had the pleasure of working in an Accounting Firm (work experience) in which I was giving the chance to learn and development some of the key skills needed to succeed, I was able to help look after some of the minor accounts and to use the spreadsheets when needed. I have just finished my last exam in an Access course at my local college, where I studied Business Accounts, Psychology, Statistics and Law.
Having studied Business Economics as an A level, I realised that without the function of Accounting, it is impossible to comprehensively run a business.
At the heart of a successful business is a passion to achieve. A clear mindset and the ability to collaborate well with people is what makes profit; this is vital in the field of accounting.
How accounting acts as an integral, uppermost aspect of any corporation by communicating business results is what’s intriguing.
From an early age the vast world of economics has fascinated me, but it was only until a couple of years ago that my vivid interest for finance was sparked. Money is a central component of any advanced modern society and mastering its complex mechanisms may enable one to understand how humans interact as a group...
In order to give me more of an insight in accounting and finance field, I elected to study Economics at A-Level; this has enabled me to analyse and apply principles in different concepts which would help to prepare and develop financial documents.
I am currently studying an Access to HE course at college, where the core subjects are business, economics and accounting. I choose this particular course as I believe it incorporates all the necessary components needed to pursue a career in accounting and finance.
When I first started my BA Accounting course at University of Strathclyde nearly eight years ago, I was having a lot of difficulties in terms of getting myself used to the new environment. Being far away from my home country and family for the first time in my life and lack of experience in life in general had initially affected my ability to focus on my studies.
From a young age I have enjoyed and excelled at mathematics, so when I discovered the job of accountants within businesses I knew this would be the perfect role for me.
Mathematics lies within the dichotomy of Art and Science, requiring left-brain thinking; the seat of analytical thoughts. I have found this same mentality is essential in many coinciding subjects; accounting and finance cannot thrive without the formers existence, and after obtaining vast knowledge in a combination of these subjects I know that I am ready to pursue a career in this field.
Accounting is one of the key functions for any business. I feel that my A level subjects of maths, further maths, psychology and economics ideally suit me for a career in accounting.
As a student of Henley business school at the University of Reading, I started to be the treasurer of Chinese Students and Scholars Association since 2016. During this period, I found my sensitivity to numbers and financial statements.
Accounting and finance for me means moulding a better future. A decision aided with good understanding of money is what made today's businesses successful.
I have been exposed to the world of finance from a tender age via my mother, who is a practising accountant, and my father's private investing in the money markets. This exposure increased when I enrolled onto the Young Enterprise programme.
Accountants and Auditors are able to interpret and reason the changes taking place in business and develop corrective measures. I aspire to do the same.
All 5.7 million firms in the UK know the huge value of accounting and finance. It is the backbone of all firms and organisations cannot function without it. Accounting is the key to maintaining success and assessing incomes, by using current and past incomes and expenditures to predict future cash flows...
I have witnessed how Accounting and Finance is a fundamental component within all areas of today's economy, this ranges from personal finance to financing global conglomerates.
The first book on accounting I allowed myself to indulge in was 'Capital in The Twenty First Century' by French economist Thomas Piketty. It was on Bill Gates' 'must-read' list and I quickly came to love the book and the topics discussed within.
Decisions are the foundation for everything in society today. In theory, we’re rational decision-makers who are capable of reaching a conclusion without allowing external factors to influence our decisions...
I believe that within the financial world the importance of good fiscal decision-making is paramount, as well as the preparation of accounts and other related practices. The development of companies and monetary systems is a particular field of study that I find fascinating as it goes hand in hand with my love of problem-solving...
When thinking of how much power polymer notes hold, it was normal for a child like myself to ask, 'What is money?'. Looking back the answer was obvious. The literal meaning might be 'a medium of exchange' but I simply see it as 'to sustain'...
I want to study accountancy because in it I’ve finally found a subject that lets my love of maths shine. Over the last year and a half, I have been studying introductory accounting and business at my local college and it has opened up my perspective on career aspirations in the field, especially with ties to industries that I had interest in beforehand, such as technology production and scientific research...

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