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I have chosen to study combined degrees in Accounting and Finance or Economics because I intend to further my studies towards developing a career in financial consultancy.

Accountancy and Finance remain central elements of the dynamics of commerce, that define the way a firm, shareholders and society at large interact on multiple platforms. From the price in the superstore to the share indexes on the trading floor, there is a need to understand the underlying market forces that control decision making.

The recent economic downturn has brought to focus the importance of financial management and active control of money flows in the mere survival of a firm, irrespective of size.

A-level Psychology has greatly helped me to develop research skills, apply the scientific process and use statistical data analysis during investigations. I have been able to use this to understand the influence of human behaviour on human resource management while studying AS Business Studies.

A-Level Economics has helped me to appreciate the interdependence of countries in our world economy and the role of international firms yet not ignoring the importance of choices made by individuals and small firms that contribute the thriving dynamics of our economy.

This course has a great attraction for me because it draws and applies aspects of various disciplines such as law, economics and mathematics. The ability to merge such complementary ideas makes it, in personal opinion, reflective of the interrelated nature of commerce.

This provides assurance that upon completion of this degree, I will be equipped to approach problems in a holistic manner and think outside the box. I particularly look forward to learning about how the reliability of short term budgets and long term forecasts can be improved despite the uncertainty of external factors such as inflation and general health of our economy.

My involvement in student activities has vastly improved my leadership and oratory skills as well as my confidence.

I have been student representative for my tutor group during my first year in college and during this current year. I have represented my Secondary School and the Borough of Southwark in many inter-school and regional debating competitions.

During same period, I have participated in many higher education schemes run by The Brokerage.

The practical workshops, interviews with professional accountants and stockbrokers have been my personal highlight and initially encouraged me to strongly consider a career in these fields.

Outside of school, I give my time to voluntary work in Johanna Primary School. Being a past student, it has been a unique, personal experience to contribute to the development of the next generation.

The opportunity to view education from the perspective of a student and as a teaching assistant has made me value the gift of education as more of a right than a privilege.

This experience has helped me to understand the importance of time management and effective communication. In my quiet time, I enjoy reading, playing badminton and improving my fluency in French.

I plan to learn more languages and hopefully travel the world to experience the broader effects of the decisions made in world of commerce.

I strongly believe that I am ready for higher education because I have definitely grown into my own person. Studying my A-levels in college has been valuable preparation for independent study and research.

Such encouragement has helped me to develop an ‘I choose to’ rather than an ‘I have to’ attitude to work, which has significantly contributed to my academic performance.

I could not be adequately prepared for the world of commerce than to go to university, an acclaimed hub of academic excellence. It would be an amazing experience to actively share ideas with students and hopefully make a significant contribution to student society.

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This personal statement was written by Evie for application in 2010.

Evie's university choices
University of Westminster
City University
Loughborough College
London School of Economics

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Red: no offer made

Evie's Comments

I got a conditional offer from City, Westminster and Loughborough University :) didn't get into LSE though (who says 4 A grades gets you into the best universities anyway?) This personal statement was very overdone is many respects and too overly polished


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