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From the moment I began considering careers and courses at university, I have always been drawn towards business and financial routes. I would say this is because I feel I have the right qualities for these routes, especially the ability to think logically and analytically.

I feel accounting will offer me a steady career path in the financial world that could lead on to other related fields such as investment banking or financial analysis.

Another reason I am attracted to accounting is that I have a strong interest in corporate business and the economy. I read the BBC's section on the economy and business almost every day; I find it incredible to observe how economic changes higher up can have enormous effects lower down upon the public, such as the buyout of HBOS by Lloyds TSB or the current credit crunch leading us into a recession.

I often have discussions with my father and older brother who are very experienced with the current working world, with regards to the property market, economy and current affairs related to the economy such as new laws and taxes.

I attended a presentation given by two trainee accountants currently studying to become chartered under the ACA professional body.

I was intrigued to learn the different routes into accounting, and the opportunities the subject and career provide. This confirmed my initial aspiration to enter the accountancy and finance profession.

At Advanced level I have enjoyed studying varied subjects. I am consistently perplexed by the complexity of organisms that are studied in biology, and take pleasure in learning how humans, animals and plants are adapted and how they evolve.

Design Technology gives me a chance to be creative and do hands on work. It's simply remarkable to produce a product from initial conception and research right through to manufacture and evaluation.

Theory work in D&T is also very intriguing; there is great emphasis on business and markets, and when designing one needs good problem solving skills as they need to work to a set of goals to solve a real market issue. Attaining a high grade at Advanced Subsidiary level shows my determination to achieve the highest standard of work.

ICT is an ever important part in society, and as such I feel it is a highly relevant subject. ICT looks at the close links between business and technology which forms a strong relationship crucial to any business or working environment. I have advanced IT and computing skills, and am capable of using IT to its full potential in order to assist me with work.

I have good written communication skills, and often enjoy writing opinionative articles and short stories on online communities. I feel this benefits me when writing essays or reports as I can write fluidly and clearly. Studying Critical Thinking at Advanced Subsidiary level has contributed to my writing abilities, as it is shown me how to analyse, structure and write arguments.

I also have good presentation skills; I am adept in the art of presentation where I make good use of ICT, imagery and language to engage my audience and thoroughly communicate the topic which I may be presenting.

Outside of school, I have many interests and hobbies. One of my favourite interests is music. I enjoy playing guitar of a wide variety of styles such as blues, funk and rock and am currently studying for a Grade 8 qualification.

I enjoy playing with friends in a band as it gives me a chance to work as part of team to produce fully structured songs. Within school I attend a blues club held by a senior music teacher and have also taken part in music evenings held by the music department.

My varied subjects and the skills I have attained along with my outside interests have led me to develop a strong interest in accounting, finance and the economy. As a result I am exceptionally motivated and dedicated to succeeding in university and having a successful career in accounting and finance.

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This personal statement was written by Rosetti for application in 2009.

Rosetti's Comments

When writing my personal statement, I went through a number of different drafts and versions. At first I attempted a creative statement, as I'd seen a few like them on here. However, I ended up sounding pretentious and like I wasn't really interested in the course.

I came to this final copy as a result of discussion with my friends and my form tutor at school. My main goal was to stress my personal qualities without sounding vain, and my enthusiasm for the course without sounding like a suck up.

I think it's a solid personal statement, but isn't outstanding. I think that had I applied for a top Uni like Oxford or LSE, that my personal statement would be weak in comparison.

I applied to Kent, City, Reading, East Anglia and Loughborough. I was accepted at all except for City who explained it was because I was predicted less than the entry requirements.

(Note: Some of the courses I applied for were "Accounting and Finance" and some were "Economics and Accounting")


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