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In the modern world, money acts as a statement, a barrier, a greeting, a lifeline, and a vehicle. Grasping knowledge of how it works and how to manage it efficiently is essential.

For this reason, I have decided to venture into Accounting.

I feel it is imperative, yet underestimated as a part of the global economy, business structures and our day-to-day decision-making processes.

Having studied Business Economics as an A level, I realised that without the function of Accounting, it is impossible to comprehensively run a business.

The flow of accounting data: income, investments, purchases and projections, is an integral part of overall business management and survival.

Also appealing to me is its versatility; accounting interlinks with various fields, thus widening my occupational horizon, and even within the profession you can branch out into a number of specialised sectors such as tax, advisory and auditing to name a few.

These varied options act as a further incentive for me to pursue this path.

My paternal grandfather was an accountant, who established a firm currently being run by my parents, both trained chartered accountants and I aspire to keep the tradition going.

From an Accounting degree, I will gain a deep level of knowledge that will lay a solid foundation for my future. Furthermore, studying ICT has given me an understanding of how this data can be collected, controlled, communicated and manipulated by the use of technology.

Thus I have an advantage in understanding the link between technology and business effectiveness. This is crucial in today's world, where technology underpins success and efficiency. Psychology has helped me to develop interpersonal skills, key to developing and maintaining a relationship with future clients.

Whilst recently interning in the audit department of a renowned accounting firm in Nigeria, Abax-OOSA, I gained an understanding of the work environment and professional responsibilities of an accountant.

Over many weeks, I learnt the components of a financial report; the process of vouching to verify costs incurred by a company and how they are accurately recorded; how to analyse a bank statement, and casting of financial statements to detect frauds and errors. My internship reaffirmed my decision to become an accountant.

Apart from my focus on schoolwork, I like to widen my intellectual horizons by watching TED talks. Hearing from successful, established entrepreneurs inspires me to be more aspirational and strategic in my thinking.

I am also registered on Future Learn, the Open University's online learning platform where I am currently taking two courses "Innovation and Enterprise" and "The Secret Power of Brands".

Simultaneously serving as the Managing Director of my Young Enterprise group and the Senior Boarder of my school, whilst keeping on top of schoolwork has taught me the art of time management and discipline. I have also acquired life skills such as patience and communication whilst fulfilling my responsibilities.

I have learnt how to be both part of a team and how to take the lead, always striving to deliver quality. Involvement in community service has also been an integral part of my education.

As a volunteer for the African Child Development Initiative, I am dedicated to teaching under privileged Nigerian children Music, Dance and English over summer holidays.

It is a fulfilling and humbling experience, assisting in impacting lives positively. I play the violin and have achieved a Grade 3 merit. I also love singing and have served as a member of various choirs.

I aspire to learn all that I can from this course and embrace it so that I can contribute to the economic development of my country, Nigeria, business organisations and the world at large.

I am determined to grasp every opportunity offered by a University education. In the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson, I am driven by two main philosophies. Know more than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others.

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