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The team YYZ, Your company broke and I'm sorry to declare that your team is out of game. Good luck next time!

Unlike most of people start their interests through achievements, my interest in accounting started with the failure of the ERP competition. When the Ill-planed budget caused the capital strand breaks, all of our strategies failed to work and the different part of team which suppose to be one fall apart.

That's the moment I realised the accounting and controllership system is the soul of a company and began to take every chance to learn about it.

After taking the courses in Accounting, Taxation, Corporate finance, in which class I won the only Best Report Price, the three-time cold-visit to a company Subordinated Petrol China (top500) won me an internship in the finance department.

The state- owned PRICNPC has a really complicated company structure with 5 research centers, 2 wholly owned subsidiary companies, 8 oversea offices.

But the same regulations and set rules in accounting and controllership they shared help every department be independent as well as co-operate with each other. I find out that it is the well designed internal control system and the continue updating accounting software that make sure that everything under control. That's exactly what I'm seeking for and what Chinese companies need!

Then there came a chance to exam my findings. In the Challenge Cup National Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students, being a leader of my team with 8 team members from 5 different majors and 4 different grades I designed a work mode of systematization and noted the deadlines of the phases then presented them with a flowchart.

I emphasised the communication with our accounting department regularly and give feedbacks to me so I can adjust the procedure just in time. The efficiency of work was promoted and at the finally we save 400 RMB and 15days compared to other teams. The Prize was the Silver Meddle and a lifetime career I would like to pursue.

To further combine knowledge I learned from classroom and competitions with the real-world cases, I applied to become RA of Vice President of Modern Management Research Center. Take advantage of Nankai university's best reputation in academic circle in China as well as the great location (similar to Seattle in US).

Our five-member team keep close contact with managers of the local companies and solve accounting and financial problems for them. By taking the advice of introduce an unified Inventory management system based on classification and grading of the warehouse model , HuiYuan, the top1 fruit juice maker in China reduced inventory costs and enhance their market competitiveness.

I strongly believe that the internal control quality has an economically significant effect on the performance of the company.

However, from the study of many similar cases in my RA experience, I realized that the accounting systems in China are far from perfect and much improvement is needed. This August, when HuiYuan was bought by Coco-Cola, my desire of becoming an accounting professional and a leader in the field got stronger.

What people saw was just another case of M&A, but I and my co-workers knew that HuiYuan didn't have strong enough internal control system to fight with rivals.

As a student major in marketing, I understand how much effort to take to build a brand name and how painful when you lose it.

This experience gave me my clear view of future study plan which had inspired me to study further. I would like to concentrate on the accounting and controllership track. And it is my sincere desire to return to my home country as a distinguished Master of Accountancy degree holder to help China develop its accounting practices to be among the world leaders in this area.

I have already born some qualities of being a successful leader in business world. My talent of analyse ability revealed it's self when I was a junior middle school student. I pass the National Computer Rank Examination grade2 which was a tough task even for a senior college student at that time.

The fact that being a leader in 2 student clubs and a member of top student chorus I still won the third class scholarship in my university shows that I can work under pressure and guarantee the high quality of each task. What I truly need now is the professional education in ### program

The advanced accounting courses will strengthen my foundation in accounting, while the financial management and Auditing courses will help to prepare me for my future career in company controllership.

The outstanding faculty, along with the excellent selection of courses available within your program will equip me with the latest in accounting theories and practices and allow me to obtain my professional goals.

My extensive education experience has helped me to define my future goals - to study in the best accounting program in #### business school which has the strongest curriculum and the best location(NY) where I can get first-hand experience as well as the crucial perspective to understanding global business.

I know that I am now fully qualified and prepared to take on this challenge. I strongly believe that my passion in the accounting and future career, my courage in facing challenges and my strong ability to adapt and solve problems as they arise have fully prepared me for the MAcc program at the xx College of Business at xx University.

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This personal statement was written by Zhang Shuo for application in 2005.

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please help me! I feel terrible because I don't know How to improve my PS!


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comment to guest above ^
if you can't say something constructive don't say anything at all

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Slightly hypocritical, because you comment wasn't constructive either but you still wrote something.


I am inspired by this personal statement! Some slight grammatical errors but seeing as English is not your first language it was very, very well written and was very interesting. Good luck with everything!

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