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The world of Accounting and Finance has captivated me and I have developed a substantial passion for it in the past couple of years.

From affecting the prices of shares in the stock market and government expenditure to the daily budget of a common man, Accounting and Finance are integral to every walk of life.

Accountants and Auditors are able to interpret and reason the changes taking place in business and develop corrective measures. I aspire to do the same.

Reading books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “When Genius Failed” have helped me gain insights into the massive world of Finance and broadened my perspective on financial banks, personal finance and economic crises.

It is fascinating to understand and study the changes that takes place on an individual, economic and societal level due to a change in a financial policy, be it introduction of ‘Goods and Services Tax’ in India or ‘Value Added Tax’ in the UAE. Introduction of such taxes have created more jobs for accountants, increased spending and investment in the economy and thereby leading conscious consumption.

I believe that my subject combinations were the best suited to put my skills to test. Accountancy is my strongest subject which I enjoy the most as well. I believe that my strength in calculus and algebra has instilled my analytical skills which are essential in finance.

My other subjects like Economics goes hand in hand with finance in the long run, macroeconomic policies define the setting in which the firms operate thereby affecting financial policies while microeconomic policies facilitate the decision making between various tools of finance. Also, Business Studies facilitates financial management.

I had been selected as a member of the HR department in the school’s business club, The BEAMaSters.

The club mimicked an organisational structure at a miniature level with the goal of successfully conducting a series of events which included quizzes, case studies, lectures and entrepreneurship stalls.

I was also a participant of the mock interview competition held by the club which included CV preparation and personal interview for a specified job.

I had applied for Senior Accounting Manager and my CV was awarded third position in excellence.

I was a part of the group which secured third position in the Young Entrepreneurship Spread competition conducted at the IBCN 2017. The competition aimed at promoting the ideology of entrepreneurship among the youth and we were required to develop different means to spread awareness on the four pillars “family support, financial support, networking and know how”.

We had presented a skit, created a website and a YouTube channel and a Facebook page to achieve the same.

Attending the three-day Talent Academy at the PwC Academy in Dubai which focussed on team building, emotional intelligence, networking and communication presented an opportunity to work with like-minded peers and learn from top business professionals helped me gain a very broad perspective about the business world.

Whilst doing my “Stock Market” project, I gained an in-depth understanding of the stock market by analysing the trend of the stocks of five companies in the National Stock Exchange over a period of three months with an aim to determine the most viable investments that could be made to earn profits.

Apart from this, I am also an avid Bharatanatyam dancer. A lot of emphasis is placed on teamwork and coordination during dance which has therefore been embedded in me.

Bharatanatyam steps completely depends on calculations and anticipation of future events and ability of the performer to perform the steps.

I have always been inspired to learn and have a committed approach to progressing onto degree level. I believe it will give me the determination needed to succeed in the world of Finance and I will gain from this degree a depth of knowledge and a variety of experience that will prepare me well for a career within the financial services.

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