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From an early age the vast world of economics has fascinated me, but it was only until a couple of years ago that my vivid interest for finance was sparked.

Money is a central component of any advanced modern society and mastering its complex mechanisms may enable one to understand how humans interact as a group.

The advanced economic and mathematic studies offered by my OIB french baccalaureate gave me the opportunity to study economic matters in depth like the credit cycle, or the 2008 crisis, a subject I really enjoy and for which I have had a particular interest after reading The Trillion Dollar Meltdown by Charles Morris last summer.

It became clear that financial markets are the pivotal point of our economy and that their deregulation only intensifies crashes. In addition, I watched Professor Shiller's lectures on financial markets which revealed to me the vast fields that finance has to offer.

My interest for the industry emerged when I joined my school finance club in 10th grade. The challenge offered in this course was enjoyable and I was soon elected head of the investing group.

One of our best transactions was investing in FRX just before their 25 billions$ merger with Actavis which created the global pharmaceutical leader both in the specialised and primary care sector; and allowed for a 55% ROI on our Wall Street Survivor transaction.

This training tool gave me some insight into the basis of investing taught in this class. Yet, I found the lessons oversimplified and had to satisfy my curiosity by reading the essays of financial magnates such as Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham.

The detailed analysis of their strategies and market theories, especially on toxic bonds and long term schemes, enabled me to have a broader understanding of financial mechanisms, investing and accounting terms, the knowledge of which was put to great use during a six month term as budget manager for my school yearbook.

As part of my school MUN team, I have attended the Harlem conference in Holland where I was voted best delegate of my committee for both my oral and written contribution on a resolution concerning agricultural aids for developing nations.

Its main focus on how corruption should be fought and financial flows controlled was greatly inspired by my french baccalaureate research paper on money laundering for which I received the highest grade.

Adapting in an international environment is a necessary skill in our interconnected world, a skill which I have acquired attending multiple MUN conferences and working alongside multinational students.

Finance is a global sector where cultural diversity can only be valued. Having been born in Germany with French parents, I have always felt connected to other people and cultures which is one of the reasons why I want to study in Britain.

My six year experience in New-York gave me great perspectives and opportunities, like an internship at State Street's risk management department, an experience that not only opened many doors, but also revealed the professional and human skills required to thrive in this environment.

At the end of the week, I was asked to present a synthesis of what I had learned to a qualified group of bankers which was a perfect way to test my ability acquired in public speaking class, summarising and presenting complex material in a very short time period.

This internship made me realise that the power of money should be used to build and not to destroy.

Following this philosophy, I decided to organise a football tournament to raise funds for LP4Y, an organisation which aids the social and professional integration of young adults living in extreme poverty. This short, yet intense experience gave me the chance to work with professionals from both the sporting and financial worlds.

Having an international background, I feel that studying at a British university would continue substantially my multicultural education.

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