Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Example 5

Since an early age I have had an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge. I find business, finance and economics fascinating and with everything I learn I find I want to know more.

I am currently studying on the second year of a Higher National Diploma in Business and have been elected class spokesperson by both students and lecturers.

Before this I was studying accounting with AAT for 2 years and gained an AS level in accounts alongside.

To be a chartered accountant is still my ambition; however I find the HND has opened my eyes to economics and other finance related subjects.

I find the banking world and the stock market extremely interesting and would relish the chance to be able to speak about it on a more professional level.

It never fails to amaze me how decisions made at the top levels can have effects on such a wide range of people and I would be confident to hold such great responsibility.

I am glad that the HND has broadened my knowledge of an array of subjects including law and marketing, subjects for which I had little previous interest but which I understand the relevance of now.

In my younger years I gained 3 academic scholarships to The Blue Coat School, Edgbaston, The Royal Wolverhampton School and Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls.

I gained a further "Bettinson Scholarship" in my final years at Blue Coat, where I also reached Grade 8 Speaking of Verse and Prose with LAMDA and Grade 5 piano aswell as playing for the school netball and rounders teams.

Unfortunately however, my life hasn't always gone as intended. I was placed in care at the age of 14, a pivotal point in my education, when my mother suffered from mental illness. As an only child with no father, I found myself alone.

They say every cloud has a silver lining and I have found that to be true, this experience only served to make me more independant, mature, and more determined to realise my potential.

Moved from city to city, I have never lost sight of my goals and as a result of my turbulent upbringing, I have developed educational and workplace skills of immeasurable value.

A good strategist, I can work around the most unexpected scenarios while keeping a level head, my time management and organisational skills are of a high standard, my interpersonal and public speaking skills have improved considerably as a result of the HND and I work well within a team or individually.

In my spare time I love to keep fit, often visiting the gym and going for runs. I keep up to date with current affairs, regularly checking the news and reading The Economist.

I have a passion for films and I enjoy a late night read of an Agatha Christie novel.I love social events and also enjoy cooking, I love a challenge and like to try new things so I often hold small dinner parties for friends.

I am a determined individual who never fails to give 100% and I thoroughly believe my attitude and thirst for knowledge would make me an asset to any learning establishment.

It is my opinion that to be successful in academic studies, you must have a genuine passion for the subject, a passion I certainly hold for business and finance studies.

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This personal statement was written by Sarah :) for application in 2009.

Sarah :)'s Comments

I've just sent this one to UCAS, hope it's ok, I know I can't change it now but I would still like to know others' thoughts on it. thanks x x


Statement rating:****

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Please comment and let me

Please comment and let me know what you think

This is really good! Much

This is really good! Much better than mine - actually, mine's pretty rubbish after reading yours!!
Where have you applied?


Really nice Sarah! I m finishing mine now to apply for a course of accounting and finance as well. By the way, I m studying in Aston uni, and your statement is much better than what I did last year to be accepted at Aston uni so I don't think you'll have any problems to get in

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