Accounting Personal Statement

‘Accounting is like Art’. You have to analyse every aspect before making a just decision.

A teacher of mine once told me that if you were good at art, you would be good at accounts.

It was hard to find his logic at first, but having spent two years doing GCSE Art and a further two on Accounts A Level, it all began to make sense. You need logic; everything has a set order and method. Each piece is placed carefully and has a high significance amongst its environment. You need analytical skills. Take apart every piece of information and use it to make your own decisions.

Having excelled in both these exams, I can proudly say that I possess the skills that will lead me to university.

I have developed an interest in studying accounts or and would therefore like to continue doing so at university.

The course that I would like to do at university is Business Accounts or Accounts and Finance. I feel that the two subjects combine well with one another and on many occasions I have founds that my knowledge of one has helped me with the other.

Studying Maths and Business has also provided me with logic and a greater understanding of various concepts and methods.

I have become more flexible in identifying what concepts need to be used and when, thus, helping me achieve the greatest results possible. I have the ability to pick up skills and knowledge quickly and am independent enough to conduct my own study and research. On many occasions at college I have taught myself various chapters in maths in order to remain ahead of the class.

My main ambition for the future is to become an Accountant Executive or a Financial Advisor. I am hoping university will provide me with an understanding of the business world as well as offering me a wide range of choices and connections after my course.

However, I have also helped to teach mathematics. I have taken part in a project at school where we taught younger pupils the basics of maths. I also helped to tutor many of my classmates in preparation for exams, which they found helpful. I enjoyed teaching and so this will be my third choice of career.

Outside of studying, one of my many passions is Art. I enjoy visiting art galleries and studying art in depth. My favourite type of art is symbolism and surrealism and my favourite artists are Dali and Escher as they both deal with ‘double possibilities’.

Recently, however, I have developed a new interest in contemporary art, of which I have done a number of paintings on canvas on commission for friends and family who have all been pleased with my work.

Most of my spare time on the weekend is taken up by my part time job as a sales associate at Skechers USA, Bullring, Birmingham. I have been working at Skechers since the opening of the store in September 2003 and am one of only two of the original members of staff left.

This is an advantage for me as I can offer the highest level of customer service and have a good knowledge of the overall running of the store, which makes me committed, reliable and adaptable as I have found that I need to adjust myself to the many changes that have occurred over the year. My job has also taught me to be more tolerable and patient with others.

I have thoroughly enjoyed college and believe that university is the next step for me. College and my part time job have changed me as a person. They have given me a greater sense of independence and success. I feel that college has really made me grow and has introduced me to a wider range of people.

I have opened up to people more and am now a better team player as I have learnt to listen to others and take in their opinions. I have become accepting to other cultures and beliefs and feel that I am much more open-minded.
I hope that you have analysed this piece carefully enough to offer me a place at your university, and trust that you have yet to see the bigger picture of me.

This is my first draft so please be free to let me know what i need to add, take away etc... thanks
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i think is very well written

i think is very well written but you should consider rewritten the line teaching being a third choice of career.good luck

the Ps lack soul. it is good

the Ps lack soul. it is good but seems fabricated. think about it will they want to choose you out of the thousands of entries?


I have read your personal statement and i can see that you have a great personality, however being one of a university lecturer in the University of Leeds in the cousre of Accountancy i believe that you are not expressing yourself enough and vivedly as you should focus on Accounts and Finance more and not add in you second and third career options as this makes you look that your not as commited as you said to be to go in this particular field as a degree, other than that it is an excellent attempt to your personal statement and all the best in University were ever you will be accepted!

This statement is good, and

This statement is good, and offers a number of variations to a standard statement. I find the beggining very good, however more time needs to be taken to describe social skills and free time/ stress relief.

nice one

nice one

Accounting and finance

I want to find personal statement for accoutning and finance

Its too long

Its too long


its sooooooooooooooo long i swear personal statements cnt be dis long well dats wt i heard from my teachers bt it rele scared me lukin at dis statement mine so far is like half a page typed


This is a very good personal state ment and it shows ypur interest in the subject, thumbs up for your plans

nice try and good luck

you saved me, and now I know how to relate my language study with Engineering which I am going to apply next year!!!

I think it is very good :)

I think it is very good :)

it was quite good, very

it was quite good, very intelligent

its ok..

its a good first attempt - but you need to talk about the subject more and yourself less also the opening statement needs re-phrasing as it just sounds strange.
dont forget 2/3 on subject and 1/3 on yourself and try to avoid saying i.

i think your personal

i think your personal statement is really good, from the opening paragraph it shows that you have a good sense of knowledge and you know what u are talking about. the thing that i advise is that you should talk a bit more about you, the reader has realised your acadamic potencial but not much about your personality. other than that, youve done great.. good luck... reach the stars

i think you smell

i think you smell


nice work


prety gd but bit boring

prety gd but bit boring

people saying that it is too

people saying that it is too long r wrong. its 3887 characters, this is about right as it should be just under 4000.

this is my personel statement

this is my personel statement, i written it in in 2004 and got accepted at birmingham university, which was my first choice. im starting my final year on monday. glad to see that this helped a few people, and for all those who provided constructive criticism, thank you.

Well Done

Good work mate, glad to see you are where you are...forget all the chavs that took the mickey, they have no idea whats good and bad...

Some cannot even type English properly...

The last sentence is terrible

The last sentence is terrible. Saying that "I hope that you have analysed this piece carefully enough to offer me a place at your university" makes it sound like you think that the only way you could not get a place would be if whoever was reading your statement just wasn't looking at it properly. This will not be appreciated by the person at the university who reads it. Also, I "trust that you have yet to see the bigger picture of me" is complete bullshit that makes no sense.

u hav dun a good job. and the

u hav dun a good job. and the 1st para is fantastic


You are really good at this could you help me with mine add me at cheers

'Accounting is like art'

'Accounting is like art' sounds rather pretentious

hey this soooooooooooooo

hey this soooooooooooooo gooood

ur a life saver mwah

ur a life saver


What is wrong with you all?

What is wrong with you all? Yeah, okay the beginning is all right, but have any of you actually read the ending?

'I hope you have studied this carefully enough to give me a place' - there is no way you can sound more pompous, big-headed and arrogant than saying that. How did you get into uni with that ending? Did you pay them?

I mean, I might be sounding a

I mean, I might be sounding a little rude here, but surely saying that isn't exactly going to impress anyone?

I mean, if that works, surely you can say 'I'm brilliant at accounting, and you'd be making a big mistake by not giving me an offer to your university'. Its the same sort of thing.

Only one other person has realised this - where are the rest of you looking?

Please, to anyone else who

Please, to anyone else who reads this statement...



Wasteman part 4



thank's a lot

this personal statment it is helpfull to me i which to get accept to

wow thts boring. u need to

wow thts boring. u need to find urself a real hobby

That was alright but you

That was alright but you could make it more interesting to help yourself and other people who aim to go univercity.



I'd kick their ass.


bala bala bla bla, do the universities really base their offer on good personal statment or student's accademic achievement.

its superb

HI looking at ur statment i was able to get a good idea for preparing my'n thanks dude


That was dope fam


not bad not bad its looooooong though i cba to read it all im doing a ps at the moment in skl library only 10mins left till i can bounce though =D why am i even writing this.... sad lol

Sajinthan Theivasothy

Sajinthan Theivasothy
33 Newbury Road


i want in schulich

i want in schulich


Im thankful for the post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

henry macildowie

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