Accounting & Finance Personal Statement Example 6 (Postgraduate)

As a student of Henley business school at the University of Reading, I started to be the treasurer of Chinese Students and Scholars Association since 2016. During this period, I found my sensitivity to numbers and financial statements.

Besides, it is interesting to analyze financial reports through the undergraduate course. It illustrates comprehensively and systematically the financial status, operating results and cash flow of an enterprise. So I've decided my career plan to be an auditor or accountant in future, therefore, the MSc Accounting and Finance program at the University of Warwick is no doubt a great choice.

This is because I know clearly that to become a first-rate auditor or accountant, I need not only solid accounting knowledge, experience, and broad industry heroizations but also financial knowledge and data analysis technique.

Hence, my knowledge gap can be filled up by the MSc Accounting and Finance modules such as asset pricing and investments and behavior finance.

Lecturers like Dr Jana Fidrmuc and Dr Shahed Imam, who are with abundant practical experience at the University of Warwick, would guide me with unique perspectives and lead to a development of my financial instincts. In addition, there are several benefits of the accounting modules including deepening my understanding of corporate finance and financial statement analysis.

Finally, with the high-quality electives, it enables me to specialize in a specific area. Moreover, I’ll be able to interact with the most excellent minds and learn valuable lessons from Warwick’s renowned alumni circle and academic reputation.

Thus, it will be the milestone in my career development and give me exceptional competitive advantages if I can study the MSc Accounting and Finance program at the University of Warwick.

In 2017 summer, I interned in Ruihua company consulting Shanghai office that is a member of RSM network. By supporting my colleagues’ work, my understanding of China’s taxation, banking system and financial risks have been expended.

It also gave me a chance to see possible loopholes in company internal control system and I realized a great quality accounting information can contribute to the right decision from managers and external investors. Through the internship, I found that there was a gap in my accounting abilities like financial statement analysis. Therefore, the further study at the University of Warwick is necessary.

My academic achievements in the past have equipped me with enough competence for more challenging studies in the coming future. I am studying Accounting and Finance and it has helped me to grasp a solid of knowledge of company financial analysis and management.

Besides, my strong learning ability has been shown since my average grade of 84/100 for Introductory of Quantitative Techniques for Business and Finance. I

choose to continue studying in the United Kingdom because I enjoy the British way of learning, which involves more cooperation and independent critical thinking rather than passive acceptance.

Another reason for studying aboard is that I want to leave familiar environment and face new challenges. This experience will help me improve my communicating ability and teamwork skill.

To support my suitability to this program, I have shown my strengths and advantages above, and I hope for your favourable consideration.

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