Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Example 18

When thinking of how much power polymer notes hold, it was normal for a child like myself to ask, 'What is money?'. Looking back the answer was obvious. The literal meaning might be 'a medium of exchange' but I simply see it as 'to sustain'. I came to my interpretation of money through a trip to my motherland, Ghana.

For years, Ghana has experienced severe electricity supply challenges due to the economic crisis that led to the scarcity of consumers' payments. The frequent lack of electricity during my time there, impacted my daily activities. Although this was a short stay, having to come up with solutions everyday was frustrating, but it also made me think about the people who go through it every day.

This made me acknowledge the importance of business strategy and investment management. The ability of the Ghanaian government to come up with solutions for their monetary purposes is what inspired me to choose Accounting and Finance.

Studying A-Level Accounting has re-enforced the idea of wanting a to pursue a career in Accounting and Finance. I really enjoyed learning about suspense accounts due to their ability to give clarity to transaction errors along with doubtful entries. I believe that my further comprehension of basic accounting principles, shows transferable academic skills such as communication and debate. Heartland Payment Systems data breach in 2008 was the debate topic that questioned whether businesses should modernise their accounting records or not.

As a student of Business, A-level, I discovered how to form a profitable organisation through conducting internal and external analysis and judge financial performances. Learning about the techniques used in strategic analysis enabled me to assess the strategic position of a business, which is also one of the key components of a business' approach to become financially stable, and it’s something that’s vital to know for the work done in Accounting and Finance.

Studying Spanish and Italian, helped to improve my overall understanding and enhanced my knowledge on Spain's cultures and traditions along with both countries political and economic issues which were covered in the course. The courses brought various skills such as interpreting skills gained via translation and understating the link between ideas, acquired through linking topics of the course like financial impacts of tourism in Spain to employment.

The EPQ was an opportunity of fulfilling my curiosity gained from crime documentaries and series. Their cases are inhumane. This stimulated an interest to investigate an understanding of morality and the human brain distinctions. My independent study and time management skills have all come from the commitment and dedication I have put throughout the project, which shows traits that will support me in higher education.

When volunteering to the British Heart Foundation as a cashier, I realised the deeper sentiment of customer service. The existence of Gift Aid which I promoted when taking donations, is for charities to have extra money from HRMC but only if the donator pays tax. This gave me a broader understanding of the different types of businesses. To be more involved in the world of music, I learned guitar. I now play in my free time and I'm able to play complex pieces of music like 'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton and thanks to joining a band, I played in a concert at the Staller Hall in Manchester in front of hundreds of spectators.

I’m eager to enhance my skills and I believe that my maturity, persistence, and curiosity are traits that will support me throughout the journey at university.

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