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The globe financial market is currently undergoing a major shakeup. The reason for my choice of economics and accounting in such a situation is I consider myself as person who has a long-term view, loves challenge and is confident of my ability of communication and organisation.

I have never done some courses related with economic before, but the deep interest in economic motivated me came to Singapore for a diploma course major in economics.

I took my lecture's advice and began to read some financial magazines like 'the Economists', focus on update financial news of every part of world, combine with my knowledge like consumer theory and firm theory and help me understand them more easily. This shows my determination to pursue economics.

Being a student in charge of live in the senior high school for 3 years gave me a chance to be a 'little accountant', recorded every expenditure and revenue carefully, helped teacher make some money decision and collected the money.

The work experience taught me that being careful and determined are important qualities of an accountant, raise my interest to be an accountant and help me to be patient and have an intuition of accounting.

Shanghai, my hometown, the government want to poplarise English as it will be the host of EXPO 2010.

As such, I went to a community centre and worked as a English tutor there. My job was about helping the elderly pronounce words and communicate with foreigners. I talked people whom I have never met before. They are from different background and age. This makes me become a more communicative person.

Deciding to study in Singapore myself is the turning point of my life. I left my families, live alone, make every decision by myself. I am not my mum's little girl any more. Instead, I have become a girl who is independent, thinking and mature.

The way of the lecturer teaching us and the form of the lecture, a lot of discussions, teamwork and cooperation, is quite different from the experience I got in my college in Shanghai, due to the LSE course is the most strictly and stressful one in my university, it force me to arrange my time rationally, read widely, work harder and the most hard thing is adapt to a completely new environment.

I really did a good job, got an excellent result of the test and get a lot of friends include people come from Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysian, India ,and, of course, Singapore.

Besides studying, I also have a wide range of interests, like listening classical music and swimming help me relax from the daily life and having a pure heart to think about some questions.

I am also a 'big fan' of psychology, watching and trying to analysing people's action do me a big favour when I communicate and interact with people. I also have a lot of fun when we focus on consumer theory and game theory in economics.

I hope myself to become a person who is self-possessed and open-minded, someone who has the ability to take charge of a department alone.

My long-term goal is to become an accounting manager in 'Big Four', required not only a certain personality but also professional knowledge which I think the course of Accounting and Finance or Economics can provide me.

The reason why I choose UK, the financial centre of the world, to further my studies is it will be a place where help me to realising my dream.

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This personal statement was written by yssi for application in 2009.

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this is only the draft of my personal statement pls for free to give me some advices~~~~~~~
University of Bristol conditional offer


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Eat my four letter word- va-j

Eat my four letter word- va-j-j

you spelt accountancy wrong darling ;)

Richard Lewis

Might help if you only spoke in one language. The shifts in language halfway through the statement makes it really difficult to understand. I hope you take this into consideration.

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