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Since studying Mathematics at GCSE level and working. I have developed a keen interest on understanding how finance and accounting link with business.

At some point all organisations are required to present their performance in the form of financial statements.

This is usually done from the help of an accountant. For me this reason is one of the greatest attractions to the subject.

The satisfaction of knowing that your profession is crucial to the economy and also to every business in my opinion is second to none.

Alongside this, another main attraction that has appealed to me is that the skills learned and content covered in this degree are massively transferable; in which they open an array of career opportunities in the world of finance. These include; corporate finance, human resources, auditing, tax planning etc.

I feel that university is the perfect place for me and will equip me with the necessary tools and skills needed in the working environment.

In time out of studying I recently worked as a door to door salesman. This experience not only improved my communication skills, teamwork skills and confidence levels dramatically, it fueled my drive for success. This is where my interest in the subject of finance began to evolve most recently.

During this time I became fascinated in understanding how businesses control and manage their finances.

I developed a ‘never give up’ attitude which thankfully spurred me onto pursuing my long lost aspirations of going to university to develop a lifelong career.

Since then I have dedicated my complete attention to learning and have based my personal/working life around study. I also take much recent motivation from part time involvement in a family online business.

Here I am lucky enough to experience real life financial aspects of a business. My duties include basic admin work using Excel such as; book keeping, records maintenance, banking and reporting. This experience has improved my time management and ability to analyse/organise information.

My enjoyment for it has also inspired me further to learn about the subject in depth.

I am currently studying an Access to HE course at college, where the core subjects are business, economics and accounting. I choose this particular course as I believe it incorporates all the necessary components needed to pursue a career in accounting and finance.

Topics such as final accounts and ratio analysis have particularly interested me. They have given me the fundamental knowledge required to begin to understand the language of business. In my humble opinion the access course has given me a considerable advantage over others when it comes to preparation for higher education.

I feel this way because the course places heavy emphasis on not only essay writing but also quantitative based assignments/exams; this combination has developed my analytical skills, logical thinking and problem solving abilities massively.

Moreover, the access course also features an extended project which is ideal preparation for independent study at university.

Outside of college I enjoy playing sports and reading when I can. I have been the captain of my local football team for the past 5 years.

This further demonstrates my commitment to things that I enjoy. In addition to this my team mates often praise me for my positive attitude and ability to inspire.

My time here has also promoted many leadership qualities. I enjoy reading the news and keeping up with the latest stories.

I read almost each day as I believe it broadens my general knowledge and strengthens me as a person. I consider myself a well-rounded person with a committed approach to learning.

I hope that that this statement compliments my application and shows that I am a disciplined/hardworking student with a passion for accounting and finance and also eager to contribute to all university life.

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Since studying Mathematics at GCSE level and working. I have developed a keen interest on understanding how finance and accounting link with business...


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