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For me Accounting is something I am incredibly passionate about. From a young age I have always enjoyed Mathematics and problem solving; fortunately for me these two interests of mine are a part of the fundamentals of Accounting and Finance.

This has helped me to decide that getting involved in the financial world is the career that I intend to pursue at university. From the threshold of childhood, being around my father’s takeaway business has enabled me to understand some of the financial aspects which a business requires; this experience has inspired me to pursue my dream to become a Chartered Accountant.

Currently I am studying BTEC Sport, ICT and A level Accounts. I am continuing with these studies in my second year of 6th Form because I enjoy them very much and I believe each subject has provided me with an array of excellent skills which will benefit me when I attend university.

Studying BTEC I.C.T has helped me improve my presentation skills as I have had lots of practice presenting to large groups. This has improved my confidence and will be a great help for me when I attend university and when I apply for Accounting jobs in the future as I have acquired the skills that are essential in order to be a successful Accountant and undergraduate student.

BTEC Sport has also improved my confidence, communication and leadership skills especially with the Community Sports Leadership Award - Level 2 course that I have successfully passed. Accounts has provided me with the basic background of Accounting, as well as enhancing my problem solving and analysis skills.

This particular experience has left me with a burning sensation to learn more about Accounts. Overall my time at Holte 6th Form has contributed into me becoming a more mature, confident student who will excel if given the chance to enter higher education.

To develop further insight into my chosen career I have secured an ongoing work experience placement with the school finance sector on Wednesdays; I believe this highlights and emphasises my commitment and determination in the field of accountancy. I have also had the opportunity to enhance my communication skills through a part-time job working in a restaurant, interact with different customers.

This improved my adaptability skills as in the time I worked there I faced a range of new circumstances, developing new skills.

In addition, I have also had work experience working in a Primary School where I have coached two Year Four PE classes; here I have gained the skills to become a more tolerant and patient person.

I believe these are essential transferable skills and will be of great help at university. I have also volunteered in raising money for Sports Relief where a group of Holte Sixth Form students rowed around the world.

This has improved my sense of responsibility, and teamwork and motivation skills, as I had to interact, work efficiently and motivate my fellow peers.

I love to play sport whenever I can as it fills me with great enjoyment. I hope to continue being involved in sports at university by joining the sport clubs that are available because playing sport provides me with a good balance in my life between leisure and work which allows me to produce my best results academically; I plan to keep this balance at university.

From a young age I have always wanted to go to university to follow my dream. The prospect of learning more about the field I want to go into is what motivates and excites me into going to university. I hope by attending university, I can develop the skills that I currently posses and also gain new skills.

Teachers say the step up from GCSE to A level is like climbing a Mountain. I feel I have achieved this and now I feel I am ready for the step up from A level to university, as this challenge excites me and is one I am relishing.

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Accounting and Finance at City University

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i fink it was quite good, teachers said it was, tell me what u think not that it matter im already at uni lol.


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my view

yeh think its preety helped me big tym thnks


i love it its brill

Nice one. What grades did you

Nice one. What grades did you get at AS and what were you predicted for your A2s?


what were your PREDICTED GRADES? Because I am thinking of Applying to the same universities.

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