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Accounting and finance for me means moulding a better future. A decision aided with good understanding of money is what made today's businesses successful.

A chosen pathway for a goal in life can become detrimental if it lacks analysis, thought and statistics. Likewise, success-driven businesses have good accountants for crucial matters and I aspire to be one of them.

With those in mind I find such challenging responsibility interesting which is why with a lot of thinking and research I finally established that accounting and finance is for me.

Moreover, I have always been a hard worker with a can do approach to any problems and obstacles I have dealt with throughout my life and studies. I believe this makes me a prepared individual to any challenges I will face in my time at university

To get a head start, I am widening my knowledge on the subject through various platforms. I am a big fan of Robert Kiyosaki and his work.

Specifically, his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” taught me how necessary it is for us to have financial intelligence. For example, investing in the right assets can build up to more wealth.

I also like digging to the roots of financial crisis through films such as “The big short” and Youtube channels that covers these topics. Doing so has given me an insight on the causes and the consequences that can result to an economic downturn

When I was in sixth form, I studied A level Economics where I have learnt the idea of how individual decisions can make a currency stronger over another- this was the basics of the exchange rates.

It astonished me how the economic performance can arise from what we do on a daily basis.

Coffee lovers simply demand for coffee beans and so import for that product rises and affects a country's trade balance.

I found such topics satisfying to understand as I gradually apply my knowledge of economics to current issues in the news. Likewise, I developed my analytical skills because of the vast amount of essay writing throughout the course.

Secondly, A level Chemistry improved my problem solving and quantitative skills because of the immense mathematics covered which I think is beneficial towards Accounting. Media Studies taught me how to market products in our practical module.

I have learnt that in order for an institution to be profitable, the product must be accompanied by great mass media awareness and that can root from high quality conventional marketing strategies.

Academically, I have achieved an award for best Key stage 4 progression as I have surpassed all of my predicted grades in my GCSEs

Working as a crew member in McDonald's has moulded me to a better individual. I have operated on the tills enabling me to become confident in money handling.

Cases where we are short on staff calls for desperate measures. This where I take initiative to flex in wherever is necessary. These kinds of situation has enhanced my mental drive and me working under pressure.

Moreover, being a part of a restaurant has developed both my communication and socialising skill because of colleague and customer interactions.

Similarly, I took part in a charity committee when I was in sixth form and my role involved selling cakes and calculating costs and revenue to summarise the profits we have made

In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball and working out with friends as I find keeping fit and maintaining an active lifestyle is beneficial for me.

I also play the guitar as I find music a good stress reliever. I am currently on a gap year and working full time to save money as I will be travelling to attain more experience and expose myself to different cultures the world has to offer.

After graduating and becoming an experienced accountant I will pursue my dream of starting a business back in Philippines.

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