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I first discovered that I had an interest in business when my father decided to leave his job and open his own coffee shop. I had never considered the endless opportunities that business brings with it but from then onwards I was captivated.

I often read the Business section of the BBC website in order to keep up to date with current business news.

From a young age I have also enjoyed and excelled at mathematics, so when I discovered the job of accountants within businesses I knew this would be the perfect role for me. GCSE Statistics developed my passion for analytical calculations; I was fascinated by the way simple numbers could lead to a conclusion being made about a situation.

Although Business and Finance have been my main focus, my 11 GCSEs show that I have a well-rounded education, a valuable characteristic of a business person.

Studying Business at A-level has enabled me to understand the everyday influence that business has on our lives. When I visit shops and restaurants I now think about their successes and failures and how each business has created their own ‘personality’.

Studying business has also given me the opportunity to debate problems, which has helped me to learn more about how different people have different approaches to management and how this is reflected throughout the business world.

Debating issues in class has developed my oral communication skills, I am able to put my views forward and confidently defend them whilst listening sensitively to the views of others. A-level Economics has aided my discoveries within business, on both a micro and macro scale.

I understand the concepts of how economies work and I am able to develop my own opinions on factors which affect the economic state of our country as well as the ways in which this can affect each type of business. This has helped me to develop a technical understanding on the influences that finances can have on a much wider scale.

A-level Law may not be closely linked to accountancy; however it has helped me to develop the mind-set needed to come to logical conclusions. Setting down laws is based around logic and morality, two concepts that I think are of very high importance within business.

There needs to be a balance between what is best for the financial success of the business and the moral way of running the business. In my opinion, achieving this balance is what makes a business successful.

AS-level Critical thinking gave me the ability to develop well-reasoned precise arguments. I can apply these skills to the financial aspects of business, whilst preparing my arguments for/against particular decisions based on the findings of a financial analysis.

Outside my academic life I have taken part in fundraising activities. I enjoy thinking of mini business ideas that will attract people to spend money, while also raising funds for charity at the same time.

I have twice taken part in the ‘Race for Life’, for which I have organised coffee mornings and a school bake sale. This has allowed me to witness what it is like to interact with customers and has given me a drive to raise as much money as I can.

In February of last year I took part in the ‘Micro Tyco’ challenge where I worked in a small group with the challenge to grow an investment of £1 into a larger amount for charity.

We put on a number of stalls during lunchtimes at college for our fellow pupils. Outside of school we also ran a clothes sale/coffee morning at a local community centre. My main role throughout this was the finances, I found out how many of each product we would need to sell in order to breakeven and I also reduced our costs as much as I could in order to maximise our profits.

Taking part in this challenge supplemented my already growing interest in finance. Accounting requires a fair amount of communication and organisational skills, which this task helped me to develop as I had to calculate budgets and then communicate these with my team.

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I received all 5 of my offers within a week of submitting my application in October 2016.
Received offers from Nottingham, York, Leicester, Chester and Edge Hill.


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