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At the heart of a successful business is a passion to achieve. A clear mindset and the ability to collaborate well with people is what makes profit; this is vital in the field of accounting.

After looking further into the structure of firms, one thing in common to each is that at it's centre is a good accountant who makes clear and well thought out decisions. I like subjects at school which allow me to reach a defined and clear answer and studying accounting at university would allow me to carry this out in practical situations.

My interest in accounting increased during the economic crisis because it became increasingly evident that it was vital to keep strict accounts and make the right financial decisions just to keep businesses afloat.

I have always thought it to be important not to limit myself to one subject area and instead take a broad range of subjects covering a large spectrum as it allows for a richer education. By studying Modern Studies it allowed me to gain a better understanding of international issues and how they can affect us.

On the other hand by choosing Physics it has provided me with the ability to solve intricate mathematical problems by using rational thinking and a step by step approach. I also have a keen interest in leaning the French language; learning a foreign language for me has made me a better communicator and has even improved my English skills as I am more aware of the workings of language like sentence structure and correct grammatical usage.

Beyond my studies at school I was fortunate enough to obtain work experience at a busy solicitors firm. During my work experience placement I gained many new skills such as dealing with difficult clients with absolute tact. One quality I developed greatly during my time there was being able to work without being distracted by the many goings-on around me.

This year at school I earned the role of depute house captain which gave me a position of responsibility when it came to the day to day running of tutor time in the mornings and also when arranging whole house initiatives. This really increased my confidence when speaking to large groups of my peers as part of this involved talking in assemblies about a range of topics.

I was also part of the mock referendum at our school which was considered a great success as it encouraged more people to get involved in political discussions and allowed those eligible to vote in the real referendum to make an informed decision. I also have a part time retail job at a local superstore.

Coming from a small rural community myself, having a job has really increased my cultural awareness, being able to build a rapport with people from all different backgrounds and beliefs. My sense of commercial awareness has also developed greatly as I am able to pick up on what makes the business successful and feed this back to my manager. Doing this has resulted in my department being more profitable as we are now able to focus on the products the customer really wants.

During my free time after school I volunteer with the Cub Scout group I used to attend when I was younger, helping to run the meetings and from time to time being given the responsibility of running the whole night with little assistance from the leaders.

That said, a truly memorable experience for me this year was my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the hills surrounding Braemar. It was a tough adventure for everyone who took part but everyone in our group worked really well together as a team and pulled through strongly. The expedition taught me how to survive outdoors but more importantly that group work is key to success.

I am a highly committed individual who believes that not trying hard enough isn't trying at all. At university I would look to perfect my analytical skills and even gain some new ones. Being able to study the field of accountancy at a higher education level is what enthuses me to go to university.

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This personal statement was written by sean_james for application in 2015.

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The Robert Gordon University
The University of Edinburgh
The University of Strathclyde
The University of Stirling
Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh

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I've already submitted my application but I would love to know what you think of my personal statement, any good parts or bits you don't think fits.


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