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Business, finance and accounting has been a passion of mine for some years now. I first had the idea of becoming a chartered accountant when my uncle told me about what he does in his role as finance manager of a local hospital; he inspired me to look deeper into the field and that was where my interest in finance and economics was first rooted.

I've enjoyed studying finance and markets and I love the way the ever-fluctuating environment of the business world keeps people on their feet.

The decision making and money handling involved gives an element of unpredictability, an area that I would like to learn more about and hopefully discover a method which could perhaps help control that unpredictability.

Looking for solutions to the complex relationships of markets and businesses is something I find very rewarding as well as intriguing; it is an area I hope to be able to study in more depth as an undergraduate.

I read 'The Machine That Changed the World' and learnt how lean production has revolutionised the automobile industry.

Reading about how concepts change the way whole businesses function interests me greatly. I am an avid follower of the news and current political debates; I've learned how changes at the top level can cascade down to everyday life and completely re-write how things are done, such as cuts in corporation tax.

Current events relating to business and finance are interesting to analyse - a prime example of this being the recent recession.

As a business student, I am beginning to analyse the world around me - thinking about management and the consequences of decisions, such as what the effect of new products are on the industry.

I have sought a work placement in 2014 with the North East representative for the Bank of England and look forward to being able to shadow her to gain further insight into such enigmatic economic concepts.

My current A level courses have further engaged my mind into the aspects of financially handling a situation, by either using strategic or mathematical methods to overcome various problems. Despite it sounding over-exaggerated, I adore my subject combinations. I feel these subjects have made me into a more logical and efficient thinker.

Since studying business, I have gained an underlying respect for how business influences and structures our lives.

In the past year I have been evaluating why success has occurred and how to turn disaster into success on a micro and macro scale. Being open-minded in my approach to work and operating in groups has helped me empathise further into what it takes to be successful in this area.

I have always been a confident speaker, so airing my opinions in class discussions has helped to cement my knowledge of various topics. I am very interested in the development and layout of a business, as well as the mathematics and statistics that lie behind the scenes.

I am currently a student ambassador, and previously held a role as a prefect. I have always been one to take part in school councils and groups throughout my education due to my urge to improve things. Through my work representing my school on a town-wide scale, I was invited to sit in on my town's local Children's Scrutiny Forum.

This led me to become one of the first young people to sit in on a council meeting in the country. More recently, I was chosen to represent my college at promotional events, speaking to year groups about college life, and this certainly boosted my confidence further.

I was also fortunate enough to be selected to take part in a university shadowing scheme where I was able to sit in on some lectures in Mathematics and Economics.

This enabled me to gain valuable understanding of what business and economic related subjects are like at university - furthering my drive to become a business undergraduate and progress along this career path.

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