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I have decided to apply to Msc Accounting and Management because I want to do career in this field and I am pretty sure that this program will equip me with lot of tools and skills required to do so.

In addition, through this program I will have the chance to sink into the world of economy and profit of the high demand that is there currently for management and accounting graduates in the jobs market.

On top of this, I have always been fascinated by how Accountancy and management can collaborate to lead a business to success or failure.

Furthermore, it is the ability we gain to guide and help customers become more profitable hopefully that even attract me more. By the same token, I always get excited when I solve an accounting problem or successfully balance an account.

As far as my personal experiences are concerned, they led to me have patience, self-emotion control as well as realize the importance of listening, respecting the opinions of others and the significance of being versatile.

Being an independent person, I believe that my strongest strengths are the abilities to work under a deadline pressure and deliver the expected results quickly, accurately and be self-motivated with the saying “if you give once it will be a habit, give up should not an option don’t give up” from Michael Jordan in head.

In problem-solving situation, I have a tireless eye for details and analyze the problem through several techniques before making any important decision. Skills, I think are necessary to make career in both fields of management and accounting.

At college, I did a project work in the last year of my degree program entitled “Working capital management at HMT (INDIA)”.The help of the company’s financial officer in collecting and analyzing data gave me more insights of accountancy and others numerous aspects of accounting.

For the first time, I was in a real accountancy practical situation and even though my theory knowledge did help me, I realized that if I want to do career in this field, a deeper knowledge and strengthening skills are unconditional.

This project was a catalyst in the decision of taking my knowledge of accountancy to the next level and follows a career in this domain. More it helps me develop skills like group works, collaboration and how to receive critics from part of others.

Also recently, I had an intern for an Immigration company called Mercan Capital Limited in India which provided me with in-depth understanding of management uses and its principles.

My responsibilities were to teach French, advice and guide workers wishing to settle in Quebec. During this internship I developed skills in motivating, advising people and also it has also improved my communications skills and sense of planning and organizing.

My passion for management and accounting is unconditional and I always have a keen interest in knowing what is happening in the business environment as a whole. I believe that my personal attributes, academic achievements and relevant work experience make me a suitable candidate for the course.

Another significant factor is that, I am a highly sociable person full of interpersonal skills, open-minded, always happy to meet new persons and who strictly respect the set rules and regulations.

More I am person who is always ready or on a go to participate to take part of students and community events, as I believe through that way I can contribute in my way in creating and promoting a healthy and better student environment.

Overall, I see myself as am a set goals achieved-driven person, full of commitment, hardworking and who can turn difficult challenges into a source of opportunities and gain personal profit from them.

Enrolling on the university degree of management and accounting is just the beginning for me, I aspire to achieve more in years to come starting with becoming senior manager or manager and accountant in a corporate and on long term establish my own business corporation.

Undoubtedly, if I get admitted at your university I will prove myself as a dedicated, role model student who will make a every work and teaching session counts and will extensively take part of them in order to obtain the maximum knowledge from them.

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This personal statement was written by dosso for application in 2013.

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