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I have always been an ardent reader. From Great Expectations and To Kill a Mockingbird to Stephen King's entire collection.

I find a great comfort in reading and consuming information but it wasn't until I found the book 'A Brief History of Economic Genius' in my local library that I became completely engaged and absorbed by the progression of mathematics and economic theory.

After this, I read the range of books from the library about Mathematical Methods for Economic Theory.

I was excited and so intrigued that I started to read online articles, listen to online lectures about inflation scenarios and real and nominal return. I read many books with the subjects of math, economics, finance and then finally, accounting.

The first book on accounting I allowed myself to indulge in was 'Capital in The Twenty First Century' by French economist Thomas Piketty. It was on Bill Gates' 'must-read' list and I quickly came to love the book and the topics discussed within.

I love how Piketty shows evolution of inequality since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the disrusptaunce from the Great Depression as well as the first and second world wars; this fascinated me and led me to my interest in broadening my knowledge.

At present I am studying A levels in Media and Drama. Although these subjects are not directly valuable for studying Accounting and Finance I believe that I have gained a lot of knowledge through A Levels that will help on this course.

I recently wrote a project for media on the advantages of social media in accounting, I concentrated on a firm based in the US that built outstanding social media presence through LinkedIn.

Writing this for Media has definitely improved my analytical and writing skills. Studying Media has also led me to develop commercial awareness which I believe is key in Accounting and Finance.

Drama has improved my self-confidence and communication skills massively and it has also led me to appreciate different cultures through studying them.

Alongside my A level studies I have also been tutoring GCSE Mathematics; I have done this for two years and I have helped many of my students with Further Mathematics as well.

I know that I am more than capable of meeting the demands and standards set for the mathematical side of this course. I believe that I have a firm foundation for studying Accountancy and Finance at University.

I have worked part time since October 2017. I worked for a year as a waitress and host at a hotel close to where I currently live.

Working on a Sunday lunch is stressful but, as I have now been through the experience many times, I have learned how to deal with immense pressure and how to enjoy the evening by socialising with customers!

This role has allowed me to develop punctuality and independency skills and also to be able to perform extremely well under pressure. I am confident that these skills will be massively beneficial to me in the financial industry.

I regularly jog and attend a yoga class once a week which helps me to maintain a good level of fitness as well as keep me physically and mentally well.

In the past I have competed in athletics and cross country competitions inside and outside of school, this has definitely given me more compassion and enthusiasm for everything I do and I am always striving to achieve the highest results possible.

I also meditate each morning which helps me to relax and to keep my mind sharp and focused throughout the day.

I am extremely thrilled by the vast amount of career opportunities a degree in accountancy and finance has. I am particularly interested in working for a bank as an auditor.

I am a highly motivated, friendly and confident individual who is committed to reaching my full potential.

With excellent organisation skills and a creative mind I am regularly used to exceeding performance expectations. I desire to become a successful accountancy and finance graduate at your university.

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