Postgraduate Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Example (Mature Student) 1

Currently, I am a final-year student, studying International Economics and Trade at xxx University. I would like to increase my professional potential in Finance related field by pursuing Master studies at your university.

My overall GPA is ranked the upper 20% among about 160 students. I was ranked among the top 2 percent of students in Monetary and Banking and top 5 percent in International Trade, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

My aptitude for mathematical calculations and logical reasoning allows me rapidly to acquire the core of economic principles.

Nevertheless, the critical thinking and inquisitive mind, which I have developed over my undergraduate studies, makes me often question the economic reality and its principles, seeking objectivity and truth.

In addition, I enjoy spending my leisure time in a way that would broaden my vision and knowledge on the field. All of these laid a solid foundation for my further study and work.

My current IELTS results indicate that my English language speaking, listening and reading skills are developed the most.

Nevertheless, I am continuously trying to improve my English language skills by taking private lessons. The results of my efforts and determination should be evident in November when I retake the IELTS exam to be more confident about the level of my English.

At school I have attended many activities, including Loving Care Charity Association, Photography and Travel Associations, where I have gained and improved such important skills as punctuality, planning, teamwork and leadership.

My university is situated in northeast of China - 2500 kilometers far away from my hometown, thus, I had to overcome great diversities in climate, food, language and culture.

Therefore, I have accumulated much experience which will be useful in my future study and life in the UK. As an independent student, I have developed strong problem solving and time management abilities that help me not only to deal with various situations in life and interpersonal relationships, but also to combine those with intensive undergraduate studies.

In my spare time, not only I read extensively in my specialty field, but also take every opportunity to feel the real economic life.

In the early years of my university, my two classmates and I bought over 100 plastic products from a large wholesale market which is 2-hour distance away from our school. After seizing the day that the freshmen enter the college, we marketed the goods one by one room.

With our warm attitude and good eloquence, all the goods were sold out within a half-day. I have not only built good relationships with new students but also gained a useful insight into the retail business.

Along with my good performance in my exams, I was keen on obtaining hands-on experience in finance related field, and, therefore, involved myself into practical research during my summer holidays.

In June 2008, FEIYUE Group ran into bankruptcy because of its lack in capital chain. In order to tighten monetary policy, the bank asked the company to pay off the loan in advance.

In addition, the company had to cover a large amount of private debt.

This revealed that private financing, as a profitable supplement to general financing method, is becoming more and more important to many middle and small enterprises, in particular, for its flexibility and variety in operation.

However, the private financing manifests certain amount of risk due to the luck of specific rule, essential intendance and its tendency to cause high interest of loan. In regarding of these difficulties, private financing requires a firm law and policy tie to guarantee its successful operation.

This is the main problem that most of private enterprises are currently facing due to the luck of capital. Such an investigation has added both depth and breadth to my knowledge of financial area.

I am deeply fascinated with the subject of my studies. I enjoy not only the clear logic and advanced mathematics inherent in the economic analyses but also its close link with social practice and interaction, engaged in nowadays financial industry.

The International Economics and Trade course raised in me a particular interest to macroeconomics, which, along with inspiring lectures on Financial Hot Issues, played an important role in my decision to continue my studies at Master level.

I was excited to learn about the excellent Master programme that your university offers. I believe that the course will give me a solid foundation of relevant theory and quantitative techniques develop my individual capacity, originality and key skills that are sought after by future employers.

Furthermore, it would provide a precious insight into western approach to economics, so valuable among Chinese employers.

Upon completion of my program, I wish to utilise my quantitative skills, enhance my problem-solving and decision-making skills in this field, and prepare myself for a career in finance-related job in China.

I would be grateful for your kind consideration of my application, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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This personal statement was written by Elizabeth4 for application in 2000.

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