Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Example 2

As a result of studying Commerce in school I developed a passion to study Accounting. My ambition is to become a Chartered Accountant or achieve Masters in Accountancy, Finance and Taxation. I enjoy working with numbers, hence, anything to do with numbers such as accounting and book keeping, have been my favourite subjects.

The other key influence has been practical work experience in a related field. I have also been motivated towards an Accountancy career as a result of helping in my uncle's business.

My uncle owns a small family business and I have helped him in maintaining the records. This has given me a basic foundation in bookkeeping and has encouraged me to try to develop further skills in accounting.

The combination of my A-Level subjects, Mathematics, ICT, Business studies and Law has had many linkages. Learning statistics has helped me to make decisions and forecasts which are a must in a practical life and ICT has helped me analyse information technologically.

The ICT spreadsheet coursework had been my favourite topic as I was used to using a spreadsheet.

I had to choose a business and set up a system/programme for the business where they can record everything needed in the business which will make the business efficient. I chose my old Secondary school and made an administration system for them.

Overall the system was very good and was able to preform any tasks that my user needed.

As I hadn't taken Business Studies for my GCSE, the beginning of the course was difficult for me as I had to learn the basic and the AS- Level together. However, I enjoyed People and Operation and accounting topics where it has allowed me to understand the business cultures, business behaviour and roles.

I am able to understand procedures and instructions and to be able to think critically and logically. These are key elements in moving towards a team concept in this challenging world.

My leadership skills are demonstrated by my involvement as the Chair Person of the Secondary Youth Club and prefect in my secondary school.

This has motivated me to strive for the highest achievements. My greatest achievement is winning the “Shipway District Competition” for Business Enterprise in which I presented, and also received best presentation awards. My role in the company was as a secretary and finance officer.

Some of my jobs included, book keeping, recording the money coming in and going out, taking legal responsibilities and recording minutes. This was a valuable experience of working as a team and meeting deadlines. Taking part in the business enterprise has given me a glimpse into the real world of business.

I enjoy taking part in extra curricular activities. Good organisation has enabled me to balance study with other activities. I have taken part in debates, speech competition, talent shows, charity shows and sports competitions.

In addition, I enjoy reading novels which include Mallory Blackman as one of my favourite writers.

I did work experience in Debenhams. It was a fantastic six weeks for me where I worked with different age groups, learned how to communicate with customers and learned to use my initiative. I have a part time job as a waitress in a café. These experiences have come with hard work and hard work always payed off in the end.

Living in different countries between Europe and Asia all my life has helped me gain confidence and so adjusting to different situations and environment is not a problem for me.

Your institute has inspired me to believe that it is the beginning of achieving my ambition. With all the skills and qualities I have gained from my education and experience, I am certain that this course is the correct choice and my commitment to the study assured.

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This personal statement was written by tejaswi for application in 2008.

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This is nearly my final one, but i still need to amend some parts of it but overall im really pleased with it. Please advise on it.


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