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The knowledge and understanding I have gained through my summer placement as a trainee with HSBC, has enabled me to understand the significance of financial accounts and aspects of an organisation.

As a result, I wish to study accounting and finance with management which will provide me with specialist knowledge of accountancy and the financial world.

In order to give me more of an insight in accounting and finance field, I elected to study Economics at A-Level; this has enabled me to analyse and apply principles in different concepts which would help to prepare and develop financial documents.

In turn Economics helped me to acquire problem solving skills for example analysing why different products have different elasticities, which would be useful in solving complicated financial situations, conveying final conclusions and providing suitable recommendations.

I chose to study Business at A-level which taught me to interpret and draw financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets and financial graphs using the data.

Studying Business has also developed my writing and planning skills which are very effective and useful when drafting assignments or dissertations for example drawing up a business plan as part of a project.

More importantly, studying Business has helped me to gain team working skills which would help me to integrate in a team environment in the financial world to make important and critical decisions.

I undertook Information and Communication Technology at A-Level in order to help me gain in depth software skills which are advantageous as graphs and tables can be drawn using Information and Communication Technology which can then be used to present information as they are prominent to use.

Studying Information and Communication Technology has enabled me to be creative and a logical thinker because for example completing modules such as the implementation of computer based information systems has allowed me to think outside the box and develop new and better ideas for example coming up with new ideas for a database for a company and implementing the database as part of the course

My reason for studying Travel and Tourism as a subsidiary diploma was to help me gain research and presentation skills which will prove useful when I would be presenting projects for my degree or putting forward any findings or recommendations to a company.

Travel and Tourism has also enabled me to improve my time management skills because it gave me the ability to work towards deadlines.

Travel and Tourism also helped me to gain strong communication and customer service skills, as my assignments involved a series of interviews and role plays which refined my communication and customer service skills.

In my leisure time, I enjoy reading magazines such as The Economist and Financial Times which is very useful as it allows me to learn about the world events in politics and business.

I also enjoy reading newspapers and listening to the news regularly which keeps me updated with what is happening around the world. I also actively take part in sports such as cricket, football and swimming.

Finally within my time in the sixth form I mentor younger students which also helps me to improve my time management and communication skills. Using the skills learned from my degree, my aim is to join the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales to become a Chartered Accountant and eventually becoming a Finance Director in the future.

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Applied for Accounting and Finance in Surrey University, Southampton, Sussex, Queen Mary and Kingston with offers from all of the universities


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