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Accounting is one of the key functions for any business. I feel that my A level subjects of maths, further maths, psychology and economics ideally suit me for a career in accounting.

I have learned to appreciate that the workings of the business world we live in turn on money and all subjects relating to it such as politics, banking and accountancy.

The recent Brexit referendum fascinated me, particularly knowing that if the country is a business, then we are going to need people with the knowledge and skills to balance its books. I would like to be one of those people.

I enjoy reading the Financial Times, but also having spent time in the US I find the Wall Street Journal a good read too. I also enjoy films such as the Big Short cataloguing the global collapse of the economy in 2008. This film gave me insight into economic principles and how important oversight and public accountability is.

This matter of principle and integrity is really important to me and I strive in my studies to become an accountancy professional who will play a part in that.

My A level subjects have helped me in many aspects of accounting and finance. Maths and further maths have engaged my love of problem solving as well as giving me an understanding of statistics and how to visually represent calculations for others.

Economics has helped me learn how accounting fits into the backdrop of the business world, as well as giving me key skills in analysis of information and evaluation. Even Psychology has a part to play. Having insight into the study of how minds work, relates directly to the world of accounting and why people make the decisions they do.

Between the ages of 12 and 14 I studied accelerated German to GCSE obtaining an A*. My love of German followed me abroad when I chose to study in America between the ages of 14 and 16.

This was a personal decision and my parents were not there with me. When I learnt that my US school couldn’t offer German as a class taught subject I took the initiative to complete my studies online.

Being in the US alone at such a young age also gave me other strengths such as independence and the confidence to meet and make new friends.

Most recently I completed the Young Enterprise project at school, undertaking multiple roles including finance, sales and operations. These gave me insight into how a business is run and the elements that are needed on the financial side to make it run smoothly.

I have been taking dance since the age of 3 and when I went to school in the US I also studied at the St Louis Ballet.

Pursuing dance as a hobby in addition to keeping up with my school work taught me to prioritise effectively and manage my time efficiently. Over the years dancing has brought some very stressful moments.

I have learned to persevere to get the right outcome and not just give up when the going gets tough.

To finish, I want to take the opportunity to set out the things that for me are most important about my love of accountancy and why I will bring value to your university: firstly, my passionate interest in the business world and the vital role that accountancy and finance play in it; secondly, I’ve chosen to study four subjects that are particularly suited to a higher education in accountancy and finance; and lastly, I strongly believe in principle, integrity and the holding to account by accurate recording of accounting and financial information.

I am confident that the skills I will gain from university will help me fulfil my ambition for a career in accountancy and finance.

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Unconditional offer from De Montfort University
Conditional offer from University of West England Bristol
Conditional offer from Manchester Metropolitan University
Conditional offer from University of Sussex


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