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Accounting to me is not just a subject, but a life skill. It invokes not only the core disciplines of business and economics but it provides these in both a local and global context.

I see Accounting as an international common language between businesses, to analyse accounts and influence future decisions companies will make.

The application of business within the accounting degree has been one of the major pulling factors that have influenced my decision to study the subject.

After studying GCSE business and discovering the accounting and finance aspect of it, I have become fascinated to learn more, going on to extend my knowledge of the subject by reading outside of the school environment.

As an avid reader of the Accounting blog on the tutor2u website, I have gained a good grounding in the fundamental application of accounting, especially in the way websites such as ‘facebook’s’ growth is driven by their own growth through advertising, and the fact that their books and accounts continue to stay cash flow positive, despite their impressive rate of expansion.

I am particularly interested in the law aspect of the course and how decisions made can influence an individuals’ desire to defraud their accounts to avoid taxation, and the often extensive amount of time it takes to bring these people to justice.

Although initially studying psychology may not seem to have a direct influence on accounting, I feel the knowledge I have learnt about the interaction of people’s behaviour in social situations will help me greatly. This would especially be within the aspects of the course that involve management methods and organisational behaviour.

By studying Economics at A level I have found that it has had a profound effect on accounting.

The understanding I have acquired of the financial world as a whole has provided me with a strong awareness of international sections of the course. The barrier for trade inside and outside of the EU and how this affects profit margins, with relevance to extra costs on balance sheets is one example.

This awareness will help equip me to have a better understanding of real world accounting situations, where I hope to find my self in the future.

Last summer I was accepted on a two week work experience placement at the Bank of England to do shadowing and accounting of my own, however due to circumstances beyond my own control, it fell through, much to my disappointment. Nevertheless I have tried to keep in touch with current Accounting developments through the newspapers and internet.

I am currently completing my silver Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and I am planning an eight day trip, alongside “World Challenge Organisation”, to Norway next summer for my Gold expedition. The trip will be funded entirely through the money my team raise. I feel these experiences have helped me develop valuable life skills such as the desire to achieve, self-confidence and discipline.

I believe that these skills I have learnt will provide the perfect platform for a degree in accounting and aid me on into the workplace. I also play hockey for the North of England and have captained both Yorkshire and South Yorkshire sides as well as my School and Club teams.

Hockey is a major part of my extracurricular life, giving me teamwork and leadership skills and I feel I could contribute greatly to a wide range of university activities.

I look forward to studying accounting at degree level. This will allow my interest in the subject to flourish. I hope to immerse myself fully in the experience and challenges the university will provide.

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This personal statement was written by ash4932 for application in 2011.

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I believe that this a one of the best personal statements around i hope to use this to help others.
I received 5/5 offers last year with this but unfortunatly missed out on my grades by 4 marks i have applied again this year and within a week i had 4 conditional offers. Hope this helps!


Statement rating:*****

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to which universities have you applied for? Is Oxford, Cambridge and LSE one of them?

P.S.: It is really nice one

It is a very strong and

It is a very strong and smooth personal statement, what I wanted to know was how my offers did you receive once to sent out the personal statement to your chosen universities?

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