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I have witnessed how Accounting and Finance is a fundamental component within all areas of today's economy, this ranges from personal finance to financing global conglomerates.

Having dealt with the disciplines of dealing with markets, valuation and problem-solving during my studies are key concepts I would love to explore further.

The complexity and diversity within these fields of study is fuelling my desire to hopefully pursue a career in accounting and finance.

The ever-changing world of finance is something that I feel that a degree would be strongly suited to as the opportunities it would provide would enable me to experience the true teachings of finance.

The learning I have gained from this field has sparked my ambitions by allowing me to understand the skills required to succeed.

During my studies of BTEC ICT, I have expanded my understanding of how ICT can be applied to business and how to use advance applications to create solutions for clients.

I have developed my independence to manage my time effectively between my academic and non-academic life.

I have also developed my critical thinking capabilities as I can now apply these key concepts to current issues such as the UK’s recovery from the recent recession, although the UK has recovered, growth still remains sluggish and the UK is dependent on getting more people into work rather than increasing productivity.

In order to help me expand my knowledge and understanding of business and finance, I had obtained work experience at RSA based in the London office.

One of my responsibilities was working with a team leader of the company where I observed the importance of the role in the operations of the business, some tasks included analysing a client's budget in a certain department of the company and determine how labourers could be replaced with automation in order to improve labour productivity and lower company costs.

Using my knowledge of ICT, I was given the tasks of organising spreadsheets and interpreting the data to produce a report to give to the client, this experience has given me a great insight into the working environment of a large business.

Currently I am employed by a local business as their book-keeper ensuring I calculate the revenue, any outstanding bills or payments due to employees or suppliers. This experience has allowed me to understand the financial aspects of running a business, which has only enhanced my passion for accounting and finance.

This has allowed me to apply the disciplines of dealing with money and valuations and gain invaluable experience of applying my financial knowledge.

I am also fluent in the language Farsi, which I believe will prove to be quite invaluable as it is becoming increasingly beneficial to speak a variety of languages, especially in the world of investment banking, as it can help build and strengthen relationships with clients.

Other than this, I regularly train a form of Kung Fu called Wing Tsun, this is something I have dedicated myself to for four years.

During my time training I have achieved a grade 12 belt, one of the highest grades (Wing Tsun’s version of belts) possible before moving onto instructor level. I have participated in many competitions between schools joint under the same organisation, the experience has taught me discipline, control and has strengthened me as a person.

Being perpetually pressed to meet deadlines has helped me realise the actual value of concepts such as responsibility, time management, and self-discipline which are all necessary in the world of finance.

My motivation for pursuing a degree in accounting and finance will be brought to fruition, when I am able to achieve my goal of becoming an investment banker.

Despite the challenges I will face, I know that the prospect of helping individuals and businesses is well worth the reward.

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