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I have always had a keen interest in Mathematics from an early age. From studying Maths at A-Level, I have gained further insight into the practical application of the subject, especially in the "Decision Mathematics" modules.

It is this practical application that has led me to look at other maths-related subjects such as finance, accounting and business. I am especially interested in a course combining maths, with one or more of these applications.

I have always had a logical, organised and practical way of thinking, as well as a competitive nature, and maths has always appealed to these characteristics. I have always enjoyed the challenging nature of mathematical problems, and have a diligent and resilient approach to any problem given to me.

I find that discovering the correct answer to a problem, regardless of how frustrating or difficult the challenge, extremely satisfying. Maths transcends language barriers, and its understanding is vital internationally.

This has always fascinated me, and I feel passionately about further developing such a priceless understanding.

I am fully aware of the unlimited career prospects created by a degree in Mathematics, and I find this another reason to study the subject further. I am interested in a career involving finance andor accountancy. I am currently looking further into the full range of careers available to Mathematics graduates, and also investigating how maths is used in businesses worldwide.

I attended an open day workshop at PriceWaterhouseCoopers during the summer, where I took part in team activities and explored every aspect of the business, prompting me to further explore careers in Maths related areas.

Although it is Mathematics that I am specifically interested in studying further, I am also very eager to make use of the skills I have learnt in my other A-Level subjects.

I hope that studying Business as part of a Mathematics degree will allow me to continue to practice my skills in the subjects of English and Psychology.

I gained the second highest grade in AS English Language in my college, and believe that my skills in text analysis and looking how language is used in certain contexts, as well as my creative writing expertise and knowledge of a variety of discourses will benefit me greatly, not only in terms of a degree, but throughout my working life.

Through my studies in Psychology, I have gained an insight into human behaviour, especially Stress and Memory.

These modules have provided me with information into how stress occurs, how it affects individuals differently, and coping strategies, as well as the most effective revision strategies. All of these elements can be hugely beneficial when put into practice in a university and working environment.

I am currently working part-time as a Customer Service Assistant for Wickes Building Supplies. During my time with the company, I have gained a BTEC in Customer Service, as well as an award for outstanding performance.

My job role involves cash handling, serving customers, and dealing with customer enquiries and complaints, both in person and over the phone.

Working so closely with the public has increased my confidence, and my interpersonal skills as well as giving me an insight into how businesses, especially the retail business, work.

I often have to apply my mathematical skill in my job, for example, when working out measurements and quantities for projects, and also converting units of measurement, as well as putting into practice ways of increasing sales and profits.

Outside college, I enjoy socialising, going to the gym and rehearsing, writing and performing with my band.

I have also recently provided tuition for younger children in playing the guitar, which involved me developing skills I had never had to use before. Performing with my band has increased my confidence levels, and I know feel very comfortable with speaking out, and entertaining larger audiences.

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This personal statement was written by misssarah for application in 2008.


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a very good personal

a very good personal statement

your personal statement is

your personal statement is good for maths and ok for accounts. it makes it sound like you are not committed to the course and you feel more passionate about maths.

I agree its about maths and

I agree its about maths and not an accounting degree but well done its a good statement :)


Im thankful for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

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