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I believe that within the financial world the importance of good fiscal decision-making is paramount, as well as the preparation of accounts and other related practices. The development of companies and monetary systems is a particular field of study that I find fascinating as it goes hand in hand with my love of problem-solving. This is a key element of accounting and allows clients to organise their finances in the most effective way. The chance for me to learn the way money is managed in a changing global economy, as well as in business, is why I want to study this degree course.

My desire to study accountancy was reinforced through my work experience at ***** *** Chartered Accountants. Whilst there I evaluated clients’ expenditures and incomes, I found this interesting as the need for attention to detail is key for successful modern accountancy. As well as this I reconciled multiple accounts and was shown how to calculate tax returns for a company or client over a set period of time. I found it really fascinating to be part of the workplace and it showed me how much breadth the field of accountancy has and this has only motivated me to work harder towards my goal of pursuing this career path.

As a regular reader of ‘The Economist’ I am able to keep up to date with current financial news. I also enjoyed reading ‘Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction,’ by Phillip Tetlock, which emphasised how scientific methodology could be applied to forecasting and financial predictions which would then lead to economic situations that are more predictable and calculable. This also links to one of my main areas of interest being the mathematical aspects of the degree. This interest stems from my studies in Maths A Level where the manipulation and evaluation of distributions and probabilities are necessary to figure out complex solutions.

To further increase my knowledge of the subject I have undertaken courses such as ‘Probability Fundamentals’ and ‘Applied Probability’ on the website ‘Brilliant’ which I enjoyed. This has enabled me to start to understand key ideas used by accountants. Throughout my Physics A Level I have been able to apply certain mathematical techniques learnt from these courses. I find this rewarding as I can use my lateral thinking which allows me to understand the course more and get better results.

Since I was 5 years old I have had a keen interest in football, this started when I lived in America. When I moved back to England in 2008 I continued to participate in team fixtures, in and outside of school, with 5 a side and 11 a side teams. This love for sport and competition has given me a drive that I actively apply to my studies. To me, football has a sense of community. This is what probably drew me to the sport when I was so young and the sense of pride I get from being in a team is what I enjoy most. I also enjoy putting myself forward at school open days when the chance to show prospective families around our school arises.

I have volunteered at my local Cancer Research Charity Shop which I enjoyed as not only did I use my communication skills through talking to a diverse group of customers. I also helped to organise the layout of the shop which required detailed planning. As well as this I achieved my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. This scheme greatly improved my skills in teamwork and organisation as I had to meet strict deadlines both on the final expedition but also within the other elements of the award. To relax I enjoy playing the piano and walking my dog.

I am excited to further develop my understanding of how decisions are made regarding economic situations as well as how that information can be represented and analysed. I believe that my commitment to academic studies as well as my extracurricular activities have prepared me well for a university degree course and a career in accountancy.

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Got all 5 offers from Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield for 'Accounting and finance' and 'Accounting and finance and mathematics' at Sheffield(2 courses).


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