Accounting and Finance Personal Statement Example 6

Logic of quantity, strucutre and shape arrangement is all key routes that help to develop the art of financial knowledge.

Having being raised in a family associated in the field of mathematics and business, this has enabled me to grow a desire and create an impact towards my degree choice.

This is why I will always have a passion to pursue a career in mathematics, accounting and finance.

Due to my growing interest, I decided to tackle A2 mathematics which has helped me to improve my autonomous skill in logical thinking which is a key ability in everyday life. I also did business in year 10 and 11 where i took part in a Young Enterprise.

I had to run my own little business where I sold different type of products to my fellow students at my school. I really enjoyed doing it and felt it was a really good experience and I got to show off my business skills. This is why i further chose to study business for AS.

Studying chemistry has helped my practical skills on how to work independently and in a group which is vital for a business to succeed.

Also having studied psychology at AS level has allowed me to understand human behaviour and how we as individuals act, which will help me to interact with people more easily in the business world.

For my year 11 work experience, i was given the opportunity to work in a chartered accounts firm for a whole week where i was given an important responsibility of managing bank statements on the computer where i showed off my ICT skills. At that time, i felt it was a challenge but i managed to complete it on time and was given extra work to do.

I was also involved in my schools opening day where i offered to show and welcome new year 7's into my school which i enjoyed doing. My main goa for the future is to become a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA).

Most of my spare time, I enjoy listening to different kinds of music and to help myself relax and take my mind of things, I like reading magazines and solving logical problems such as suduko. I also like going out with family and friends at lease once a week.

I am an honest, motivated and confident student with good organisation skills which are very handy in a very busy working environment and after completing my AS and now my A levels, i know university will be the next path for me.

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This personal statement was written by shobana for application in 2010.

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Where you wrote my goa.. it

Where you wrote my goa.. it is spelt wrong you forgot the l.
when you said you showed off you skills you should probably phrase it differently, like "i had the chance to enhance my skills" or something. =]


I loved your post.Really thank you! Will read on...

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