Theology Personal Statement Examples

Our theology personal statement examples and top rated statements will inspire you to write your own unique statement, and help you understand how students have successfully applied for this course in the past.

From Marlowe to Plath, original texts to J K Rowling, English Literature has both grown in nature, and fascinated audiences. The beauty of Literature is that it is not limited by time or by reader, but transcends such boundaries and inspires passion...
I am interested in the study of theology for many reasons. I believe that it incorporates so much that is fundamental to humanity from the ethical and moral arguments to the historical and traditional teachings that form the basis of religions...
Richard Dawkins once remarked that he 'couldn't see how theology is a subject at all'. But embedded in humanity is the universal conception of a Supreme Being, and the existential quest to uncover the obscurity of our origins, and lift the veil of the future...
"When I was a childI reasoned like a child" (1 Corinthians 13:11), yet it was only as I grew older and I began to build a personal relationship with faith on an intellectual level that my religious identity began to form in earnest...
I find it inspiring to be in the presence of other people who are seeking understanding of themselves, and the most intense experience I can remember is when I attended a Baptism where I witnessed the transformation people would undergo...
Nietzsche said that “in heaven all the interesting people are missing”. Until the age of sixteen I was educated in the Catholic school system. I always loved RE and the opportunities for exploring the big questions it offered, but struggled with the limits of the syllabus...
400 years ago, it was accepted as universal truth that the sun orbited the earth. Now, however, as a result of Galileo's telescope, this is no longer a truth. This raises profound questions regarding the nature of truth...
To me, Theology is an important subject to study. One of the reasons is the great ignorance that surrounds this subject area. The news is a reminder of this: the arguments over some Muslims protesting at soldiers' repatriations at Wootton Bassett is an example...
I have a keen desire to pursue knowledge for its own sake. Understanding how cultures work and the meanings behind even the most quotidian acts has led to my interest in subjects that have no concrete answers, and instead, give me the possibility to construct and defend arguments in a critical way...

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